PWC ONLY Regulations and Requirements

  1. Each person 12 years of age or older operating, riding on or being towed behind a personal watercraft (or jet ski) must wear a Type I, Type II or Type III PFD (that is not an inflatable device).
  2. Each person less than 12 years of age riding or being towed behind a personal watercraft (or jet ski) must wear a Type I or Type II PFD (personal floating device).
  3. A child under 7 years of age is not allowed to ride on or be towed behind a PWC, unless with a parent or guardian, or designee of the parent or guardian.
  4. The lanyard of a PWC’s ignition safety switch must be attached to the person, clothing, or PFD of the operator.
  5. PWC drivers must operate in a reasonable and prudent manner at all times.
  6. While driving a PWC it is illegal to:
    • Jump the wake of another vessel unnecessarily close to the other vessel
    • Weave your PWC through congested traffic
    • Swerve at the last possible moment to avoid collision
  7. A PWC must be operated at slow-no wake speed if crossing within 150 feet behind another vessel, unless the other vessel is also a PWC.
  8. You may not operate a PWC within 200 feet of a Great Lakes shoreline unless traveling at slow-no wake speed perpendicular to the shoreline.
  9. It is illegal to harass wildlife or disturb aquatic vegetation with your PWC.
  10. A PWC may not be operated in waters less than 2 feet deep unless you are operating at slow-no wake speed, or are docking or launching your PWC.