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The PFAS “scare” is a stark reminder that practices once thought “safe” can cause future long-term detrimental health and environmental consequences. Our current lake management plan has us in a 5 year cycle for various chemical algae and weed treatments. This plan includes the lake wide application of Sonar for weed control approximately once each cycle. The Sonar application is extremely expensive and is causing a loss of bio diversity in the lake. We must carefully manage this cycle. Our plan moving forward will be to join the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program, (CLMP). In conjunction with this program, we will also work closely with Professional Lake Management in the early detection of invasive species and will be more involved in monitoring the quality of our lake water. By partnering with CLMP we will be able to join with other lakes in Michigan by inputting the monitoring data and test results into a common database to identify trends and best practices. The members of your Ecology committee will be trained in invasive weed identification and water sampling techniques.

The weed treatment and water quality management special assessment is necessary to support our ongoing management of weeds and water quality. This special assessment was renewed in summer 2019 for five years. Your support of this district (SAD) is imperative if we are to effectively manage weeds, algae and identity future problems.


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