BWLA Boat Easement

Regulations for Private BWLA Easement

The Association and other landowners own a 30-foot wide easement from the lake to Whitefish Lake Road between the Gleason (#2625) and Rollins (#2611) residences.

This is available for use by members only to reach our tennis courts and recreation area by boat. In order to assure that members using this easement will not unreasonably disturb our members living adjacent to it we have established rules as follows:

  1. Boats must be beached only in a 10-foot wide area in the middle of the 30-foot easement. This will be marked with suitable monuments.
  2. Not more than 3 boats may be beached at one time.
  3. The easement may be used only between 8 AM and 9 PM.
  4. Members will place nothing on the property outside of their boats.
  5. Members will use the easement only to proceed directly and quietly between their boats and the recreation area.