Click the Quick Links in the side bar on the left to become familiar with our local communities. Stay informed  local governmental committee decisions, regulations, services and events on the updated Pierson Township website, www.piersontwp.org, as well as the Montcalm County website http://montcalm county. You will find contact information for  Board/office personnel, Parks and Rec, sewer management services and more. 

While Pierson Township has responsibility for maintaining the physical conditions of the boat launch area, the Montcalm County Sherriff Department is responsible for addressing safety issues and concerns. See these websites for non-emergency contact information.

The Howard City and Sand Lake Fire Departments service our area. If you do have an emergency, dial 911. Remember to provide your zone section to emergency personnel!

The Ordinance links have useful information for BWL residents that are in place to help protect our natural environment and manage development.

Having a safe, well-maintained, cooperative community is a joint goal.