Rules for Skiers/Boarders/Tubers

  1. Learn to swim before attempting to water ski. Skiers should wear a life jacket at all times.
  2. If you fall: Recover skis, as they will keep you afloat; raise a hand to signal boat driver all is well; if you’re in a congested area, raise a ski so other boats can see you.
  3. Stay away from all objects such as docks, seawalls, and boats. Skiers seldom get hurt from hitting the water but accidents have happened from hitting solid objects.
  4. Be considerate of the rights of swimmers, boatmen and fishermen.
  5. Don’t yell “hit it” until your ski tips are up and the rope is taut.
  6. When landing, run parallel to shore, come in slowly and release tow bar a safe distance from shore. Don’t land in swimming areas.
  7. Always check equipment before skiing.
  8. When skiing with more than one person, use ropes of the same length. A longer rope for one skier might wrap around the legs of the others should the first skier fall.
  9. When jumping use a single handle. Double handles are dangerous in a fall as they may wrap around a part of the body.
  10. 10. Any person permitting himself to be towed during the period one hour after sunset to one hour prior to sunrise is guilty of a misdemeanor.