Rules for Boat Operators

  1. A skier’s life may depend on how well you handle the boat, so become proficient in boat handling.
  2. Don’t “hit it” until the rope is taut, you can see the ski tips and the skier has indicated he is ready to go.
  3. Have an extra person in the boat at all times to watch the skier and an approved rearview mirror.
  4. Steer the skier away from all objects such as docks, seawalls, and boats.
  5. Should the skier fall, pick him up. Approach him on a downwind side so that the boat will not drift too close.
  6. Kill the motor when taking a skier into the boat as he may slip and be injured by the propeller. Idling the motor in neutral is not enough, since the propeller may still be turning and cut the skier.
  7. No operator shall tow anyone in any way during the period one hour after sunset to one hour prior to sunrise.