Check out the Annual Calendar of Events sponsored by your Association Dues that are planned and hosted by volunteer committees and join in the fun!

These events provide ways for neighbors to get to know one another, whether you live down the same street or on the opposite side of the lake. Most of the activities are designed for the participation of the entire family and your guests.

See the ANNUAL CALENDAR for a listing of all events.

Click the specific event name in the Quick Links on the left for detailed information of each event.

The ongoing success of these events is made possible by the BWLA members who volunteer their time to organize and host memorable experiences for our entire community.

Please consider joining a committee! When more people volunteer it’s possible to divide responsibilities into smaller, specific components that make events easier to manage.

You can find detailed information in the BWLA Annual Directory as well as in the COMMITTEES section of the website. If there’s an event that you’d like to see offered, please volunteer to get it organized.

  • BWLA FunRun 2015 1st
  • H-3C 2014 PieContest FacePlant SM
  • E-8 FunRun 2014 Jacob 221x203
  • E-5 JoinFun 2014 Tennis Group Kids 221x203
  • E-5 JoinFun 2014 Tennis Kid O'Kane 221x203
  • Fun 2015 Jumpers-A 221x203
  • 2015-07 Fun Run Sign Up 221x203