BWL Attire & Merchandise COMMITTEE

OBJECTIVE: The BWLA Attire committee coordinates the order taking, printing and distribution of attire, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, with a BWL design as well as other BWL memorabilia that changes from year to year.

Printing of attire and memorabilia is done every other year, typically in years ending with an even number, based on the interest of the membership. Order forms are generally included in the spring Association mailing with the annual dues notice or mailed directly to the membership. Often an online order form is available as well. Payment must be submitted with an order form to the committee chair by the designated date. Due to the Special Order status items cannot be purchased at a later date. You will be contacted by a committee member when items ordered this spring 2014 are ready for pick up.

Go to MEMBER LOGIN on the HOME PAGE to contact a committee member to volunteer, get more information about this committee or offer constructive suggestions and ideas for future orders.

The “Important Notice” bar at the bottom of the Home Page will post an alert when orders are being taken.