PLM Management Plan for BWL 2021

Based on the surveys during the 2020 season and discussions with the Weed Committee representatives, PLM is recommending a slightly different approachfor the 2021 season. Although the use of Sonar was a consideration for 2021, due to the overall low abundance of Eurasian watermilfoil and the higher cost associated with the use of Sonar, we are reserving this option for 2022, if required. During the 2019 and 2020 seasons PLM was actively seeking outnew infestations of EWM and treating when found. This protocol resulted in successful spot treatments but the invasiveness of EWM was evident as growth continued to develop in most littoral zone areas of the lake. For the 2021 season, we will focus on larger sections of shoreline treatment areas using a newer treatment combination of ProcellaCOR and Tribune. This combination has proven to be less costly on an acre basis versus historical applications, more effective and will control two invasive species (EWM and Curlyleaf pondweed). PLM is hopeful that this treatment plan will further reduce the need to use Sonar in 2022 thru 2025.

The product SeClear will be used for algae management on the lake. SeClear isone of the first algaecide and water quality enhancers in one, designed to replace routine algaecide programs. SeClear provides effective control of a broad-range of algae species while reducing in-water phosphorus levels with each application. SeClear uses nutrient locking technology to bind phosphorus in the water, thus removing it from the water column. Once bound, it is unavailable for algae growth. It can therefore treat the symptoms and the root cause of algae growth. Historically Big Whitefish Lake has experienced significant early season algal blooms which are significant recreational and aesthetic problems. Algal blooms are primarily fueled by phosphorous. PLM has been evaluating the use of Phoslock, a product that binds with phosphorous, and the results are promising. The active ingredient in Phoslock is lanthanum which is a natural element with no toxicity concerns. By using this product in a proactive manner, we can potentially reduce algal blooms, reduce copper usage and improve recreational and aesthetic values. Phoslock may be used in the future as a management tool for algae on Big Whitefish Lake.

Aquatic vegetation and water quality will be monitored to document the condition of the lake and to provide warning of any changes in the condition of the lake that need to be addressed by additional lake management activities.

Big Whitefish Lake Residential Questions and/or Concerns

Big Whitefish Lake residents who have any questions regarding the overall health of the lake or lake management activities are encouraged to attend the Big Whitefish Lake Association meetings.  These meetings are public and all residents are welcome.  If you cannot attend the meeting and have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to board members or PLM Lake and Land Management for assistance.