Ecology Committee Reports

The goal of your Ecology Committee has and continues to be protecting the natural resources we all enjoy at Big Whitefish Lake.  This protection is not just limited to water quality.  We have an excellent diversification of wildlife, plant and fisheries.  Stopping the further spread of invasive species will  protect this diversification.  All of us must be vigilant for signs of new threats.

Check the list of the pending species here in the Ecology section of your BWLA web site. If you ever suspect that you see a new threat, please contact any of your Ecology Committee members. We will investigate and contact Professional Lake Management for confirmation and action if needed. While it may be a false alarm it is always worth checking!

When it comes to protecting water quality, there are little things that we all can do to help keep our lake clean such as:  making sure fuel does not spill into the lake during boat re-filling, keeping the front of your lot clean of dead fish, weeds, etc., not disposing of unused live bait into the water, spraying your boat off before and after using the boat launch and most importantly, honoring the fertilizer ban.

Your Ecology Committee encourages your thoughts on projects or ideas on how we can further protect our lake and surrounding natural resources. Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

Please share your ideas or concerns with any of the Ecology Committee members!

Have a great summer!