PLM Tentative Treatment Schedule

DEQ permitting restrictions, national holidays and/or weather conditions may influence the timing of treatments throughout the 2017 season. PLM treats our lake according to a schedule or season plan that is established with the BWL Association’s PLM Board Subcommittee.

Please watch your shoreline for the posting of the 8.5” by 11” yellow or green signs. These signs will indicate the date of the treatment, the products used and any restrictions on the use of treated water for swimming and recreational use. See the Sub-link title “PLM Treatment Info” for additional information describing herbicides that may be applied to the lake and the associated restrictions.

Treatment Dates for the WEEK of:

4/02/2018 Spring Water Quality Assessment
05/07/2018 Spring AVAS Survey
0/14/2018 Optional Weed & Algae Treatment
06/11/2018 Optional Weed & Algae Treatment
07/09/2018 Optional Weed & Algae Treatment. Ecoli Testing
08/13/2018 Optional Weed &Algae Treatment,
Water Quality,  AVAS Survey