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On April 26th a public meeting was held by the MDEQ, Mid-Michigan Health Department, and Republic Services (owners of the Pierson landfill), providing the public with an update on their findings to date on PFAS contamination found at the landfill and their course of action.

The Notice of Public Meeting showed the residential homes in a blue box that will have domestic drinking wells tested for PFAS and receive bottled water.  Based on these findings, the need for expanded testing will be determined. Note that the BWL area is not part of this initial testing.

1) Additional monitoring wells will be established just west of the 131 expressway.  As with the above, findings in those wells will determine if testing on additional wells is required.
2) The Mid-Michigan Health Department will be testing fish for PFAS contamination at BWL,  Little Whitefish Lake, Bass Lake and Wood Lake.  We do not have a date yet as to when that testing will be performed but have asked that it begin immediately.
3) To determine the safety of BWL surface water, your BWLA Board of Directors has approved contracting Professional Lake Management (PLM) to immediately take samples of BWL surface water and have the samples tested at a certified lab for PFAS.  Results will be shared immediately when they are received. Note that this type of testing can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to obtain results. 

PFAS information is available at  https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/pfas/index.html.

Be assured your BWLA Board is doing all they can to initiate prudent action and prompt information sharing. This is a very “fluid” situation that your Board is heavily involved in. E-blasts are sent immediately when VIP information is received. Sign up at Contact Us if you are not already receiving the BWLA E-blasts.


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