Funneling or Access Parcel Ordinance:

On July 21, 1997, the Township Board of the Township of Pierson adopted an ordinance amending the Pierson Township Zoning Ordinance. The principal provisions of the amending ordinance can be summarized as follows:

  1. Lake Access. Section 4.10 is added to the Zoning Ordinance so as to regulate access to lakes and streams in the Township, where such access is from lots or other parcels of land that do not have frontage on such lakes or streams.
  2. Access Parcels. The amending ordinance provides that no lands shall be used as access property, from offshore lands to a lake, stream or other body of water unless the access property has at least 50 feet of water frontage for each dwelling unit using the access property, and which also has at least 5,000 square feet of land area for each non frontage dwelling unit using such access property. The access property must also have a minimum depth, back from the shoreline, of 100 feet and a minimum width of frontage, as measured along the water’s edge, of 200 feet. The water frontage of an access property may not include a swamp or wetland. An access property may not abut an artificially made canal or channel.
  3. Other Matters. The amending ordinance includes other provisions relating to waterfront access, from non frontage parcels of land, and other related provisions. The waterfront access regulations do not apply to existing actual access occurring from non frontage lands, where the existing access is occurring at the effective date of the amending ordinance, from the non frontage lands that are platted or otherwise on record as of the effective date of the amendment.
  4. Effective Date. The Zoning Ordinance amendment is effective August 5, 1997. A copy of the Zoning Ordinance amendment may be inspected or purchased by telephoning the Township Clerk, at 616-636-8570,so as to arrange a time for such purpose, or from the Township Hall, during Township office hours.


Fertilizer Ordinance:

  1. No fertilizer may be used within 300 feet of water’s edge.
  2. Residents should notify Township Board of violations.
  3. Township Board will initially notify owner of violation.
  4. If convicted of violation penalties include fines of up to $500 and/or 90 days in jail!

If you suspect violations …

Contact your lake Ecology Committee

Water Softeners:

If a water softener is used, the drain must be piped outside of the sanitary sewer system. The added water and chloride (salt) is bad for the system.

The State of Michigan has a limit on chloride discharge at the Treatment Site. As noted previously to all customers, if a softener discharge is found connected to the sanitary sewer drain, the owner may be assessed a charge for inspection and all repair costs.

No Garbage Disposals!

The use of garbage disposals is prohibited on Big Whitefish Lake. Our sewer systems are not adequate to handle garbage.

If you are planning to build or remodel, please do not buy a garbage disposal. If you already have one in your cottage or home, do not use it!

Help maintain the quality of our lake for all property owners.

Construction / Remodeling—Sewer Concerns:

Prior to any construction or underground work, please call for staking of sewer and determination of existing sewer interference with proposed construction. Lines or tanks may require relocation. Construction, done without prior approval, can be very costly for the homeowner to correct.

Electrical Power to the Sewer and Sewer Service:

All customers must keep power on to the system control panel on a year-round basis. Interruptions in electrical service could cause damage to the system.

For sewer service calls please call Main-Tech Services at 616-874-8866 if any of the following occur:

  1. Alarm at the panel
  2. Panel has frequent clicking or cycling. The pump should operate 1–4 times a day
  3. Drains are slow or noisy
  4. There is water or odors around the tank area
  5. Construction is being planned, including decks or slabs
  6. Concerns or questions arise about the Sanitary Sewer System