Sewer System Regulations


P.O. BOX 368
(989) 831-7322

Board Members: Robert Cichewicz, Sandy Raines, Miles Underwood, Brian Longcore

To Residents of Big Whitefish Lake:

We would like to bring to your attention some common problems we have encountered over the past few years that can affect the cost of operation of the system and the efficiency of the wastewater treatment.

Electrical Power
All customers must keep power on to the system control panel on a year round
basis. Interruptions in electrical service could cause damage to the system.

Water softeners
If a water softener is used, the drain must be piped outside of the sanitary sewer system. The added water and chloride (salt) is bad for the system. The State of Michigan has a limit on chloride discharge at the Treatment Site. As noted previously to all customers, if a softener discharge is found connected to the sanitary sewer drain, the owner may be assessed a charge for inspection and all repair costs.

Construction / Remodeling
Prior to any construction or underground work, please call for staking of sewer and determination of existing sewer interference with proposed construction. Lines or tanks may require relocation. Construction, done without prior approval, can be very costly for the homeowner to correct.


Service Calls

Please call Main-Tech Services (616) 874-8866 if any of the following occur:
Alarm at the panel
Panel has frequent clicking or cycling.
The pump should operate1–4 times a day
Drains are slow or noisy
There is water or odors around the tank area
Construction is being planned, including decks or slabs
Concerns or questions arise about the Sanitary Sewer System