BWLA President’s Letter 2023

Hello Big Whitefish Lake Association Members,

Welcome to a new summer season filled with sunsets and memories! I am filled with the anticipation of the fun activities we have planned for the membership but also to fostering the many friendships I have made with our community of lake owners.  Our lake community is strong, and we are so very lucky to be a part of this lake and all it has to offer!

The strength of our community begins with you and all the volunteers who make our lake a great place to summer!  From pickleball to fireworks, socials, and contests, we are truly blessed with a fantastic association of lake owners who love the lake and give their time to make each of our many events happen throughout the summer.  There truly is something for everyone to enjoy.

I am so thankful to be a part of the amazing board that serves our membership.  The knowledge base of our board is vast, and every single member of the board plays an important role.  An extra thank you goes out to our Ecology Committee for their tireless efforts to maintain a healthy lake environment in an ever-changing time of invasive species and new rules for treating our lake to keep it healthy and clean.  Our lake ranks as one of the best in Michigan for water quality and it is because of the continued efforts of our committee.

There is much planned for this year, and I welcome and encourage you to be involved. This community is welcoming of new members to the association and all members who are looking to join in events.  I hope you find your friends and neighbors and the events that will help bring you memories to last a lifetime.

On behalf of the Big Whitefish Lake Board of Directors, have a safe and enjoyable 2023.


Laura Wiltz

President, BWLA