BWL Weed Control Fund

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The BWL Weed Control Fund (Fund) is collected by Pierson Township as authorized by the Special Assessment District (SAD) approved for 2020 thru 2024.  The SAD dollars are collected on everyone’s winter property tax bill.  In 2024, the balance remaining in the Fund will be reviewed, and the winter assessment adjusted as appropriate.

For reference, the 2019 SAD collection was $78.64, reduced from $189.00 for the 2015-2019 adjustment. The 2020 thru 2024 assessment will be $198.00 with 2024 adjusted based upon actual costs for 2020 thru 2024.

The BWLA Board monitors receipts and approves all disbursements from the Fund.  The majority of the funds are paid to Professional Lake Management (PLM) for treatment of invasive weeds, algae blooms, and to help maintain the overall health of the lake.

Weed Control Statement 2022