BWLA Committee Information

As stated in its By-Laws the purpose of the Big Whitefish Lake Association (BWLA) is to improve conditions around the lake and to render services that contribute to the enjoyment of all members throughout the year and particularly in the summer season.

All association members are encouraged to join a committee to help make BWLA a vibrant community. It’s a good way to get to know people in different sections of the lake. Review the descriptions below then go to COMMITTEES on the HOME PAGE to get involved!

1. BWL ATTIRE: The BWLA Attire committee coordinates the order taking, printing and distribution of attire, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, with a BWL design as well as other BWL memorabilia that changes from year to year. No merchandise sale in 2021. Committee Chairs: Amy Judge & Jaye Lynn Bergers

2. BOAT SAFETY, REGULATIONS & LAUNCH: The Boat Safety, Regulations and Launch committee monitors boat safety through periodic boat patrols and communicates as necessary with BWLA members when changes occur in State of Michigan regulations. This committee liaisons with Pierson Township regarding their management of the launch and manages residents’ concerns or issues at the boat launch.  Committee Chair: Jacqueline Brayman

3. COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Website and information. The Communications Committee manages the content and functionality of the Association web site and sends eBlasts to the community at the direction of the Board of Directors. Committee Chairs: Judy Wells Warner & Laura Wiltz

4. DAM & CHANNEL REGULATION. The purpose of the dam is to control the water level of the lake in compliance with D&R regulations. Each spring and summer the Dam & Channel Regulation Committee communicates to the membership the status of the channel to Little Whitefish Lake, beaver population, etc., and manages the dam installation and removal. Committee Chair: Dave Cornelius

5. DIRECTORY: An annual Members Directory is published and distributed to all BWLA members in late May of each year. The main tasks of the Directory Committee are the solicitation of information, organization of the content and proof reading. The Directory is a major project overseen by the Board during February – May of each year.  Committee Chairs: Mike Dazy & Laura Wiltz, BOD

6. LAKE ECOLOGY: The Ecology Committee’s responsibilities are to proactively monitor, research, educate and advocate on issues related to the ongoing ecology of our lake waters, its wildlife as well as the inter-relationship with surrounding lands and shoreline in order to sustain and enhance a healthy, natural environment. The BWLA Board of Directors hires and manages the firm that professionally treats the lake for weed control. Committee Chairs: Dave Cornelius & Brad Quist

7. FISHING CONTEST. Each summer an extensive fishing contest is held for all BWLA members and their guests. The Fishing Contest Committee manages this event and awards the trophies. Committee Chairs:  Brad & Lisa Quist; Ryan & Kelley Root

8. July 4th BOAT PARADE: The Boat Parade Committee announces an annual theme for decorating boats, manages the event and awards the Traveling Boat Parade Trophy. Committee Chairs:  Amy McKee & Laura Wiltz

9. July 4th FIREWORKS:  The Fireworks Committee coordinates the site preparation, assists the licensed presenter, cleans the site, arranges for insurance, and educates the BWL community on fireworks safety issues and regulations. Committee Chairs: Jerry Poisson & Mark Wiltz

10. July 4th FUN RUN. The Fun Run Committee organizes and manages a multiage two mile run/walk event followed by a balloon toss and pie eating contest held on the morning of July 4th at the Association tennis courts except when July 4th falls on a Sunday. Committee Chair: Kelley Root

11. GOLF OUTING; PONTOON TIE-UP: Committee Chair: Kathy Gleason

12. GOVERNMENT LIAISON, SEWER ADVISORY and ROAD MAINTENANCE: The Government Liaison & Road Maintenance Committee members represent the BWLA members at all Pierson Township meetings including Pierson Township Road Committee and Township Planning Commission, update the BWLA Board on Township activities and concerns, and fulfill correspondence requirements on any other government matters. Committee Chair: Miles Underwood

13. HISTORICAL: The Historical Committee collects, compiles and maintains past and current information about historical documents, events and properties on the lake. The committee occasionally publishes a keepsake book, Reflections, that shares this information including a photo of each property and a listing of the properties ownership history.  Committee Chairs: Jane Dykhouse & Phyllis Nykamp

14. LAND USE & DEVELOPMENT: The Land Use and Development Committee surveys BWLA properties that include the tennis courts and ***** throughout the year. The committee supervises the maintenance of these properties and solicits members’ help in clearing leaves, trash, etc. for BWLA enjoyment.  Committee Chair: Miles Underwood

15. LEGAL ADVISOR: The Legal Advisor is typically a member of the Big Whitefish Lake Association with qualifying expertise who volunteers to assist from time to time on legal questions, advice, etc. Committee Chair: F. William McKee

16. MIX & MINGLE COMMITTEE: THE BWL Association sponsors an annual event for its members to meet new residents, connect with BWL friends and neighbors, and celebrate the beginning of summer with hors d’oeuvres and a mix of conversation and music. This committee plans and hosts this get-together. Committee Chairs: Stout, Amato, Ottenwess

17. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: The Neighborhood Watch Committee interfaces with the Neighbor Watch Program and manages the local implementation that includes communicating with local law enforcement officials, advising the BWLA Board and community year-round on issues related to safely and security.  Committee Chair: Kathy Gleason & Diane Gilfillian

18. PICKLEBAL SOCIAL: COMMITTEE: The Pickleball Committee hosts an annual social event at the courts to introduce members to the sport of pickle ball and facilitate players meeting each other. Committee Chairs: Laurie O’Rourke & Jim Warner

19. TRASH Pick up: The Trash Committee hires, supervises and coordinates trash pickup services for members only. The committee helps resolves any problems with this service. Committee Chair:  Jon Durren

20. SEWER ADVISORY. The Sewer Advisory Committee liaisons with the Montcalm Drain Commission supervising compliance with regulations and safety requirements for the proper use and effective operation of the BWL sewer system. This committee is in charge of communicating the operations, regulations and maintenance procedures to the BWL community.  Committee Chair:  Miles Underwood

21.SPEARING CONTEST: (Gar Pike, Dogfish, Bullhead). The Spearing Contest Committee manages a one night spearing contest and awards plaques to the person who spears the longest Gar Pike and the person who spears the most dogfish. Committee Chairs: Dan Buyze & Steve Herrema

Go to COMMITTEES on the HOME PAGE to get more information, contact a committee member and to volunteer.