OCTOBER 18,2014

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM

Roll Call Present: Maioho, Poisson, Reichle, Underwood, Wagenmaker, O’Kane, Cavalli

Secretary’s Report:

Motion to approve minutes of the Fall Membership meeting as posted on the Association
website (Poisson/Wagenmaker). Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Weed Control budget right on target.
Reflections book revenue collected by Korhonen to add additional $780
Motion to approve as presented (Poisson/Cavalli). Motion carried.

PLM Review

Review of season showed cooler temps, higher water levels for most of the season and practically no milfoil. Our lake did not show the fish kill that many adjacent lakes suffered due to thick ice and reduced oxygen availability in the shallower lakes.

Water quality-last year phosphorus was 17 ug/L, this year 7.

Algae treatments-multiple applications

Montcalm Co. & DEQ to improve the South Woodland Acres drain area that is on the west side of Dagget Road and flows into the lake between the Warner and the Stroh cottages in Zone B.

Algae Treatments-suggested moving to Thursdays (until the 4th of July) to reduce phone calls because mostly of the notice postings.

Prepayment discount was mentioned and advised. We will probably take advantage of it.

Association member Bob DeYoung was present, was concerned2 about Chara. Pat suggested a split test for next year’s treatment plan and will adjust as needed.

PLM conclusions for 2014 are all in normal range and management was successful. There are three caution issues that were noted:

Minimum dissolved oxygen is nearly low enough to adversely affect sensitive fish.

Bottom water is deoxygenated, preventing fish from living in cooler water at the bottom of the lake.

Sample is somewhat phosphorus enriched. Create natural buffer between lawn & lakeshore.

LakeCheck Water Quality Monitoring Report and possibly a PowerPoint presentation on Starry Stonewort should be available on the website soon.

New Business:

Election of Officers, nominations presented by Patrick Maioho

President-Patrick Maioho

Vice President-Brian O’Kane

Secretary-Miles Underwood

Treasurer-Don Reichle

Next Meeting Holmes, 12/13/2014

Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM (Reichle/O’Kane).

Respectfully Submitted,
Miles Underwood