Spring Member’s Meeting
June 7, 2014

Meeting called to order at 9:30am.

Secretary’s Report:

Motion to approve the minutes of the August 31, 2013 Fall Membership meeting as posted on the Association website (Hatch/Hubbard). Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Patrick Maioho with a total fund balance of $142,778.61 (Julien/Korhonen). Motion carried. The Weed Assessment Fund has a balance of $46,402.91. Professional Lake Management has been paid in advanced for proposed treatments in order to achieve a significant discount.

Guest: Pierson Township Supervisor, Brian Longcore: Due to budget constraints, there will be no updates/renovations to the boat launch this year. The township will fund the trash receptacle and port-a-john for the summer season. There have been discrepancies in regard to the sewer funds as collected from Little Whitefish Lake residents. Montcalm County has requested the township to raise the assessment for LWL by $400 for the next 27 years in order to resolve the problem. Brian has thus far refused to tax the LWL this additional amount until a full written account of the funds has been provided by the county. This has no bearing on the sewer funds as assessed and collected for BWL.

Committee Report:

Winterfest (Mary Underwood) — A successful February 2014 event. In the future Winterfest will always be held on the 1st Saturday of February.

Meet & Greet Party (Kathy Gleason) — Laura Roggenbuck & Patty Zerkle have secured new live entertainment for this year’s event which will take place on June 27 at the Loon’s Nest. Discounted tickets for advance purchase. Volunteers are needed.

Fun Run/Walk (Eric Cavalli) — Requesting volunteers to help with this event (the largest attended Association function).

Boat Parade (Cheryl Stormzand) — Pictures of all entries from the 2013 parade are in this year’s directory. The theme for 2014 will be “Favorite Movie”, participation wanted!

Fire Works (Jerry Poisson) — The contract with Wolverine Fireworks has been signed and a great firework show by this crew is anticipated for the 4th of July.

Gar Pike & Dogfish Contest (Steve Herrema) — Please refer to the directory for details and turn-in time for this event which will take place on July 12.

Fishing Contest (Steve Herrema) — This event will take place on August 4 and the check-in dock will be at the Beyer/Mediema cottages in the cover area (same as last year). Check-in time will close at 7pm sharp. All children 6 years and younger will receive a participation trophy. Results will be published on the new Association website and in the 2015 lake directory.

Pontoon Tie-up (Kathy Gleason) — The date for the annual pre-pontoon tie-up golf scramble is August 9 with a noon shot-gun start at the Whitefish Golf Course, followed by the pontoon tie-up. Be on the lookout for a “to-be-determined” tie-up sometime in July.

BWL Attire (Kathy Gleason) — The orders are not in from the supplier and thus not yet ready for distribution to the members who have purchased items. Janie Durren will call individuals when they are ready and can then be picked up at the Durren cottage (Zone B). Janie may implement a “logo contest” the summer of 2015 which would be used for the 2016 products.

Boat Safety, Regulations & Launch (Jerry Poisson) — The township is not able to control the number and use of the launch for numerous bass contests without involving the DNR.

Dam & Channel Regulations (John Holmes) — A new board has been installed.

Directory (Bob Winkel) — The committee would appreciate more pictures sent by the membership for inclusion in future directories.

Government Liaison/Road Maintenance (Walt DeVries) — Due to reduced budgets the number of roads slated for repair in the Township is down and none of those scheduled are roads around BWL. Elmwood Drive project is being held up as a portion of the road is private. County attorneys will let us know what needs to be done to make this portion of the road public.

Historical Publication (Bert Korhonen) — Books are available for sale for the cost of $35. The books can be purchased from a committee member or at Whitefish Golf Course. A recommendation was made to contact those listed in the directory as “new neighbors” for potential sales.

Land Use & Development (Miles Underwood) — The committee has cleaned off the courts and the Rollins have the nets up.

Membership/Neighborhood Watch (Kathy Gleason) — The Under-Sheriff continues to communicate via email updates. Chris Florentine has requested that another member take over as Chair of this committee. Diane Gilfillan has volunteered to do so.

Sewer Advisory (Bob Cichewicz) — Many cottages left last winter with their power completely off. Power MUST be left on during the winter months in order not to impede the sewer system. All water softeners must be installed so that they do NOT drain into the sewer system. BWL sewer bonds have both been paid off in full. Recommendation made to email residents two times a year to remind them of the “dos and don’ts” of the sewer system.

Trash Pickup (Patrick Maioho) — any issues with trash, please contact Patrick or Don Reichle.

Web Page (Judy Wells Warner) — The new website is up and running ( All information that is currently found in the lake directory is also available on the website. Pictures can be sent via email to Judy to be added to the site. There is a “members only” section, all members will receive an email with a pass-code to access this section.

Professional Lake Management (Patrick Maioho) — PLM will be out this week to survey the lake. Due to the unusual spring weather, the only treatment used to date was spot treatment for algae. There has thus far been no sightings of Eurasian milfoil. The health of the lake is excellent.

Lake Ecology (Patrick Maioho) — Swan & gull permits have been obtained, no activity has been required for either as of yet.
Loosestrife beetle planting at Rush Point is showing signs of success. High water limited the number of beetle plantings in the cove. The plantings done near the Hubbard residence will be surveyed when the water level drops.

The DNR will be utilizing the boat launch sometime in August to demo portable boat washing systems.

It is not uncommon to see some fish that have fallen to “winter kill” due to the heavy snow and ice cover. Most of these fish will not appear until 4 to 6 weeks after the final ice has melted. Anything out of the ordinary should be reported to this committee in order that they may monitor the situation and report to the DNR.
The new website has information and photos to help in identifying invasive species, please use this guide and again, contact the committee if you spy something. The website also has information regarding recycling options in Howard City.

New Business:

  • Tom Boman reports that there have been incidents of pike in the lake that have Lymphosarcoma. It only effects pike & muskie and is spread by contact with other fish. These fish are not recommended for eating, Dan Buyze will be contacting the fisheries division of the DNR to get a better understanding of the implications of having this in the lake.
  • President Patrick Maioho would like thank all current volunteers and encourages all members to volunteer. There will be four board terms ending in August 2014. These positions will be voted on at the August 2014 meeting. To find out more information and/or put your name on the ballot contact Patrick.

Meeting adjourned at 10:26 am.
Respectfully Submitted,
Kathy Gleason