Board of Directors Meeting
July 25, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Roll Call:

Eric Cavalli, Walt DeVries, Kathy Gleason, Steve Herrema, Patrick Maioho, Brian O’Kane, Don Reichle, and Miles Underwood.

Secretary’s Report:

Motion to accept the minutes of the June 13, 2014 Board Meeting as distributed and posted on the Association website (Reichle/DeVries). Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Don reports that half of the annual trash invoice has been paid as agreed with Republic Waste. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Reports as presented (Herrema/DeVries). Motion passed. Motion to allocate the difference between income and expenses for the BWL Logo Products towards providing BWL logo items to attendees of future Meet & Greet and/or WinterFest functions (Devries/Cavalli). Motion carried.

Committee Report:

PLM (Maioho): The weed assessment renewal is approaching. He is working with the township to determine whether we must follow-up new steps in place or if we may continue to renew the assessment via petitions. This would ensure that we have well over 51% of residents showing support. Whichever course is taken, it must be completed by October to ensure there is no disruption to the replenishment of funds collected through property taxes. Plan is to have petitions signed by residents over Labor Day weekend. Motion made to recommend to the membership a 20% increase in weed assessment per resident (raising the annual amount from $150 to $180) to cover anticipated increases in chemical charges form PLM (Cavalli/Herrema). Motion carried.

Fun/Run (O’Kane): The group which has consistently won the pie-eating contest has approached Brian regarding their “retirement” and have offered to participate as judges in future contests. Brian will report back on ideas to commemorate this group for the long run of success.

Boat Parade (Gleason): A new chair is needed for this committee.

Fire Works: A suggestion was made to explore the possibility of reducing the firework show from 45 minutes to 25 or 30 minutes with increased/bigger fireworks.

Flares: (Cavalli): Disappointment in the number of flares over the last two years prior to the firework show. Eric will have the traditional flares available next year for sale at the Fun/Run and each zone will have a residence assigned where members can purchase them on the day of fireworks.

Gar Pike/Dogfish Contest: Complaints this year over the excessive noise. This will be addressed at the next Membership meeting.

Land Use & Development (Underwood): Eric continues to try to make contact with tennis court repair company.

Web Page (Maioho): The new site is up and running. Implementation cost is $1000/$1500, amount budgeted is $1080. Sales of advertising on both the website and lake directory inserts should pay for future annual website fees.

Boat Safety, Regulations & Launch (Maioho): Patrick will approach the township in seeking permission to install “No Parking Beyond This Point” signs by the Bogaski cottage. A large portion of the tree that came down in the launch area is still there. Patrick will discuss its removal with the township.

New Business:

  • Beaver Dam are on the rise and causing backups, in particular the stream between Ottenwess and Amato cottages. The owner of the pond across the street has verbally threatened a law suit if the dams are removed. John Holmes and Patrick are working on this issue.
  • Attendance at board meetings by directors discussed.
  • A resident on Westshore Drive has requested that the amount of chara along their shoreline be looked at. Patrick will ask Dan Buyze to contact the land owner and review.

Meeting adjourned 8:40pm.