Board of Directors Meeting
August 15, 2015

Meeting called to order at 5:41pm

Roll Call:

Eric Cavalli, Kathy Gleason, Steve Herrema, John Holmes, Patrick Maioho, Brian O’Kane, Jerry Poisson, Don Reichle, Miles Underwood and Tom Wagenmaker.

Secretary’s Report:

Motion to accept the minutes of the July 25, 2014 Board Meeting as distributed and posted on the Association website (Holmes/Poisson). Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented (Holmes/Herrema). Motion carried. There is a balance of $8,419 on the pre-pay to PLM. Don and Patrick are checking with the Township to see how this will be handled, whether a credit needs to be issued by PLM or if it can be carried over into 2015.

Committee Report:

Pontoon Tie-up (Gleason): Motion made to reimburse Kathy Gleason for the prizes awarded at the Pre-Pontoon Tie-up Golf Outing (Reichle/Holmes). Motion carried.

PLM (Maioho): PLM completed a survey of the lake last week. Bad chara, eel grass and Eurasian milfoil were found. Treatment cost approximately $6,000. Treatment approved and requested. We have been approved to use petitions for the renewal of the weed assessment (due in 2016). Petition drive will be conducted over the Labor Day weekend reflecting $180 per resident per year for the assessment.

New Business:

  • Boat Landing: Patrick has met with the Township Supervisor regarding the condition of the boat landing. The individual contracted by the township for the tree removal walked off the job. Mr. Longcore requested that BWL Association pay for the rest of the cleanup. Patrick stated that it was the Township’s responsibility and while the Association will clean the sign installed regarding boating safety & regulations, the remainder of cleanup will need to be organized and supplied by the township.
  • Website & Directory Advertisements: We need to ensure that the Association does not make a profit at year-end in order to avoid paying taxes. Further discussion will take place at the next board meeting as to how to distribute these funds and/or limit the number of advertisers in order to avoid a profit.
  • Elections: Four board positions expire next month: Cavalli, DeVires, Maioho and Underwood. All have agreed to renew their terms. Nominations from the floor will be taken at the next Membership Meeting.

Meeting adjourned 6:08pm.