Spring Member’s Meeting
August 30, 2014

Meeting called to order at 9:30am.

Secretary’s Report:

Motion to approve the minutes of the June 7, 2014 Spring Membership meeting as posted on the Association website (VerMerris/Buyze). Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

We have approximately 190 Association members. As mandated by motion at a previous Membership meeting, a separate account has been established for property maintenance. The Weed Assessment Fund has a balance of $46,402.91. A balance of $1,293.72 remains in the pre-payment made to Professional Lake Management for 2014 treatments. Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Don Reichle with a total fund balance of $133,557.40 (VerHeulen/Boman). Motion carried.

Committee Report:

Winterfest (Miles Underwood): date of February 7 has been set for 2015.

Fun Run/Walk (Brian O’Kane): attendance membership is welcome as are volunteers.

Boat Parade (Patrick Maioho): pictures of all entries are on the website and will be included in the 2015 directory. A suggestion was made to have the cottage name and year engraved on the “traveling” boat parade trophy. The theme for 2015 will be “Favorite Song”. Cheryl Stormzand and Mary Underwood are looking for a family willing to co-chair this committee along with them by rotating responsibility every other year.

Fire Works (Jerry Poisson): investigating having a shorter show for 2015 but with more intensity. Jerry acknowledged and thanked Miles Underwood and Tom Wagenmaker for their help with the firework barges. Volunteers to assist with the launching and removal of the barges would be appreciated. The committee is looking to add another pontoon/barge if anyone has an older one that they would like to donate.

Flares (Patrick Maioho): members are requesting that flares be available for sale, the number of red LED lights/flares has greatly decreased in the effort to “go green”. A suggestion was made to include an order form for flares along with the dues letters and then have available for pickup in each zone over the 4th of July holiday.

Gar Pike & Dogfish Contest (Dan Buyze): the Hubbard cottage won both the gar pike and dogfish trophies this year.

Pontoon Tie-up (Kathy Gleason): a great turn out for the event, Roggenbuck’s were the winners of the 2014 outing. A suggestion was made to purchase a traveling trophy for this event.

Fishing Contest (Steve Herrema): Steve thanked the Beyer’s and Mediema’s for their help with this event. For the first time each child up to the age of 12 was given a participation trophy, 65 of these were handed out. There were no walleye caught this year in the tournament and only one northern pike. The winners of all categories will be posted onto the Association website soon.

BWL Attire (Patrick Maioho): the second order of items are ready for pickup at the Durren cottage.

Boat Safety, Regulations & Launch (Jerry Poisson): a large part of the tree that fell down over the summer at the launch remains there. Patrick Maioho has asked the township to follow-up with the completion of its removal.

Dam & Channel Regulations (Michael Florentine): the board will be pulled out on September 15 as mandated by the Township ordinance.

Directory (Patrick Maioho): photos are wanted for the 2015 directory.

Government Liaison/Road Maintenance (Patrick Maioho): Kathy Gleason reported that the county attorneys continue to work on the Elmwood Road project as part of the road is deeded as private.

Historical Publication (Patrick Maioho): inventory of the third edition of Reflections is available for sale.

Land Use & Development (Miles Underwood): the nets at the tennis courts will be removed mid-September.

Sewer Advisory (Bob Cichewicz): summer residents are asked to keep their electricity on over the winter months in order to avoid costly penalties for problems that result when power is turned off to individual sewer systems.

Trash Pickup (Don Reichle): trash pickup as paid by membership dues will end on September 30. Year-rounders are asked to contact Republic Waste to continue service through the winter months. September 6 is “free dump day” for Pierson township residents. Recycling is available at the dump as is yard waste. Michigan State University offers hazardous waste drop-off twice a year in Stanton. These dates will be posted when available.

Web Page (Judy Wells Warner): Judy asks members to take advantage of the “members only” section of the new Association website. As with the lake directory, pictures are wanted for the website.

Professional Lake Management (Patrick Maioho): due to high water levels and the cooler than normal summer weather, treatments made by PLM were down from normal. Pre-paying PLM for 2014 treatments saved between $600 and $800 (about the cost of one algae treatment). At PLM’s last survey of the lake, milfoil was found creeping in from land at the south-side cove and spots for curly leaf were found. Members of the board will be seeking signatures this weekend for a petition to renew the BWL weed assessment fund as the current assessment ends in 2015. The annual assessment rate will increase from $150 per year per resident to $180 in order to cover the rising cost of weed treatments.

Lake Ecology (Dan Buyze): the DEQ has alerted the committee to two new invasive weeds that are finding their way into inland lakes. The committee asks that should anyone see an unfamiliar weed, place it in a glass jar with lake water and contact a member of the Ecology Committee. They will have the DNR/DEQ examine it. There is a new treatment that is in the trial stages for zebra mussels. A demo of a boat washing system was held two weeks ago at the launch. This type of system would greatly help in reducing the number of invasive species getting into the lake. The committee is hopeful that the beetles are keeping the purple loosestrife in check.

New Business:

  • Election of Officers: Written ballots were cast for five members running for office (Eric Cavalli, Walt DeVries, Scott Fraungruber, Patrick Maioho, and Miles Underwood). Elected were Cavalli, DeVries, Maioho and Underwood.
  • An increase in the number of boats going the wrong way on the lake were noticed. A suggestion was made to include an email blast in the spring asking residents to remind their guests of the rules of the lake. Residents are also asked to stop those that they see on the lake with infractions to make them aware.
  • Suggestion made to send email blasts out for volunteers for individual events near the event date.
  • Discussion ensued regarding fish planting. The last planting was funded by the DNR. A few years ago an attempt was made to collect donations from individuals to fund a planting but not enough monies were received. On the negative side, if there were more walleye in the lake then the public launch would be more active than it presently is.

Meeting adjourned at 10:48 am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kathy Gleason