Board of Directors Meeting
October 5, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7pm

Roll Call Kathy Gleason, John Holmes, Pat Maioho, Brian O’Kane,  Jerry Poisson, Don Reichle, Miles Underwood and Tom Wagenmaker.   Guests: Jamiee Conroy (PLM), Dan Buyze, Eric Roggenbuck, Laura Roggenbuck, Mary Underwood & Patty Zerkle.

Professional Lake Management: Jamiee Conroy from Professional Lake Management (PLM) reviewed the treatments approved and completed during the 2012 season.  Total of treatments resulted in approximately $28,000 expenditure from the Weed Assessment Fund.  Most recent testing indicates we have a very healthy lake.  Jamiee presented PLM’s proposed treatments and costs for 2013.  A new treatment for Eurasian watermilfoil (SONAR Genesis) and for algae (SeClear) are now available.  PLM is also offering a 3% discount if the contract is prepaid.  Decisions on whether to use the new chemicals and budget must be made by December 1.

Ecology Committee: Dan Buyze met with the Fisheries Department of the DNR in regard to fish plantings (there will be none for BWL).  Dan and Pat Maioho met with the management of the Pierson landfill.  The landfill has not been eradicating seagulls since 2010 but have indicated that they will begin to do so.  Dan has requested two volunteers to bi-weekly count the number of gulls throughout the year for reporting purposes.  Don Reichle has volunteered and Dan will establish a spreadsheet to be used for these counts.  Dan has recruited the Knights of Columbus Rockford Scouts to collect and plant beetles in the areas where Purple Loosestrife is abundant.  The USDA removed 18 swans this fall, all of which were tested for various diseases.

Secretary’s Report: Motion to accept the board minutes of August 12, 2012 as distributed and posted on the Association website (Holmes/Poisson).  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented (Poisson/Holmes).  Motion carried.

Committee Reports Winter Fest (Mary Underwood): Winter Fest will be February 16, 2013.  Thoughts for events  include chili cook-off, frozen chicken bowling, snowball toss, and kayak racing.  An ice bar, bonfires and hot chocolate are planned.

Meet & Greet Party (Patty Zerkle & Laura Roggenbuck): This event will take place on June 28, 2013 at the Loon’s Nest.  The theme will be “Nautical” and Glen Stout will DJ.

Directory (Pat Maioho): Due to Bob Winkel’s schedule, all information pertaining to the 2013 Lake Association Directory must be submitted to the printers by mid April.  The dues letter will be mailed the week of January 7 with a due date of March 18 in order to comply with deadlines.  All directory data must be submitted to Pat no later than the December 7 board meeting.  Discussion yielded suggestions to have members indicate on their dues form whether they require 1 or 2 directories and to require that all residential information be completed in whole on the directory form as mailed to each member as part of the dues letter.

Government Liaison/Road Maintenance (Pat Maioho): The boat landing will be included in the plans & budget of the Pierson Township Recreation Plan.

Historical Committee: This committee hopes to have the new Reflections Book printed in the spring of 2013.

Land Use & Development (Miles Underwood): John Holmes trimmed the branches surrounding the tennis courts.  John has also emailed the company that completed the restoration of the courts in regard to the buckling of the expansion joints.

Sewer (Miles Underwood): The existing sand filter will be cleaned out or replaced in the coming year.  The cost will be split between Big Whitefish Lake (60%) and Little Whitefish Lake (40%) residents.  Motion made to reappoint Bob Cichewicz and to appoint Miles Underwood to the Sewer Advisory Committee (Holmes/Poisson).  Motion passed.

Trash (Don Reichle): Don will be working closely with Republic Waste in establishing those eligible for trash pickup through the Association during the summer months.

Web Page (Kathy Gleason):  Judy Warner has ideas and recommendations for a new website and has volunteered to chair this committee and oversee the new site.  General cost would be a onetime fee of $350.  The board has asked for more details.

Old Business
* New fire zone signs are to be installed the weekend of October 13.
* Video Surveillance petitions did not result in enough signatures to pursue.  Pat will draft a message to be sent via mass email to inform the membership.

New Business
* Election of Officers — the following were nominated and voted into office:
President – Patrick Maioho
Vice-President – Brian O’Kane
Secretary – Kathy Gleason
Treasurer – Don Reichle
* Meeting dates and locations for the remainder of the 2012/2013 board year were made.* Don Reichle will review the Association’s insurance policy and report back as to whether the pontoon trailer is insured.  Plates are also required for this trailer.
* Suggested new wording for the Fertilizer Ordinance section of the Association Lake Directory was reviewed and supported.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm