Annual Spring Meeting
June 2, 2012

Meeting called to order at 9:29am

Special Guest

Brian Longcore, Supervisor Pierson Twp provide a brief overview of updates to the Township including road projects that will benefit BWL property owners and the construction of a new addition to Pierson Twp hall.  If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Brian at the Twp Hall.

Secretary’s Report

Motion made to waive the reading and approve the minutes of the August 27th, 2011 end of Summer meeting as posted on the website.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Joan Gardner showing a balance of $36,230.44.  Motion passed.  The Weed Assessment fund has a balance of $65,602.18 [as of 12/31/2012].

Committee Reports

Meet & Greet – June 22nd at the Loon’s Nest.

Fun Run / Walk – Morning of July 4th.  Details are in the 2012 Directory.  The format will remain unchanged.  Volunteers are needed, so please sign up or contact Brian O’Kane for more details.

Boat Parade – July 4th [3pm meet in the cove ].  This year’s theme is TEAM SPIRIT!  Chris Dias is looking for ideas to get more participation from association members.  Participation Award will be given along with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Lighting of the Flares – this year the association will not be purchasing road flares.  Eric Cavalli presented an LED alternative and handouts are available to interested members.

Fire Works – night of July 4th.  Same format and ‘show’ as last year.  Contract is signed.  Please remember that all boats must stay at least 350 feet away from the barge [for safety] and if boats enter within that boundary the show will stop until the perimeter is clear.

Gar Pike/Dog Fish Contest – July 14th at dusk until 11am July 15th.

Pontoon Tie-up[s] – July 21 and August 11th.  There will be a golf outing before the pontoon tie-up on August 11.

Fishing Contest – August 4.   Please remember that times are strictly enforced [please check the directory for times].  Last year was once again a success and would love to see more participants this year!

Gov. Liaison – 4 out of 9 road projects in Pierson Twp will benefit BWL.  Projects will be posted on the website.

Boat Safety – Please see page 24 of the BWL Association Directory as there are changes and updates concerning boater safety and regulations.

BWL Attire – Jane Durren will contact members to collect their orders as they come in.

Dam & Channel – dam board was set in place on May 15th.

Directory – A big thank-you to Bob Winkle for once again putting together an outstanding directory.

Historical Publication – project is progressing well.  Well over half way done and still collecting information.  This updated publication may be in color.

Land Use and Dev. – tennis courts are looking good and nets are up.  Spring Clean-up is scheduled.

Neighborhood Watch – please remember to call the police [911] first whenever there is an emergency or suspicious behavior, then call Kathy Ogg.  The mileage for Montcalm County did not pass and this will reduce our police coverage.

Sewer Advisory – Last meeting was May 3rd.  74 units were cleaned and inspected.  Please remember to leave power in place for your unit in the off season.  There may be a need to either clean-out or replace the existing sand filter between Little Whitefish and Big Whitefish.  [Bob Cichewicz has all the dollar amounts for our accounts, debt and estimated costs for sandfilter].

Trash Pick-Up – nothing to report.  Please call Joan Gardner if you have any questions or concerns.

Web Page – web site was hacked!  Steve Goetzinger is in the progress of rebuilding the website.

Professional Lake Management – Sonar will not be used this season because of  the requirements [quantity of milfoil weeds] of the DNR.  PLM is doing weekly surveys, reporting to the PLM Committee and will be treating on a need basis.

Lake Ecology – Lake is healthy!  Dan Buyze provided an update on the non-native species of weeds and we are in no apparent danger.

The USDA harvested Mute Swans on our lake to test for a possible bird flu virus.  Nothing to report/all clear.


No Parking Signs – the board approved the purchase and placement of “no parking” signs along Lake Street.  Information on who to call when there is a violation will be provided soon.

Fire Zone/Video Surveillance Signs – the board approved and an order has been placed  for new  Fire Zone / Video Surveillance Signs at the main intersections of each zone.

Video Surveillance System – Discussion on installing a lake-wide surveillance system staring with license plate cameras.  Discussion included strategic placement and costs, internet, power and accessibility.  The Video Surveillance System went to a vote on pursuing the project estimated to be approximately $40,000+ as well as proceeding with the petition required to gain more than 50% approval from Members and if successful, ultimately request the Township to assess all properties on the Lake their share of the costs.  Motion carried unanimously.

Update for Elmwood Drive – a motion was made and carried by the membership to allow the Association to support [sign the special assessment petition] to pave Elmwood Drive if the cost breakdown is ‘per lot’ and not ‘road frontage’.

Membership Dues Update – because of the tight printing schedule for the directory to be printed by Memorial Day, dues will be sent out earlier [end of Dec 2012 / beginning of Jan 2013].  Please remember to have the dues payment in by the specified date in order to be included in the directory.  Non member lake residents do not receive directories and are identified as a ‘Non-Member’ and property address only.

Hillis Road petition was scratched from the agenda as Brian Longcore stated that Hillis Road is part of the Pierson Twp road projects for 2012.

A motion was made and passed by the membership to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting closed at 10:31 am.

Submitted by: Patrick Maioho