Board of Directors Meeting
July 13, 2012

Meeting called to order at 5:50pm

Roll Call:  Eric Cavalli,  Joan Gardner, Kathy Gleason, Jim Hatch, John Holmes, Don Knottnerus, Pat Maioho, Brian O’Kane, Jerry Poisson and Miles Underwood.  Guests: Don Reichle.

Motion to accept the resignation of Treasurer, Joan Gardner (Maioho/Cavalli).  Motion carried.

Motion to nominate Don Reichle to fill Joan Gardner’s vacancy and fulfill her duties as Treasurer for the remainder of her term (Holmes/Maioho).  Motion carried.

Miles submitted an invoice for repair to the trailer used for the fireworks pontoons of $61.47.  Motion made to approve payment (Holmes/Poisson).  Motion carried.

Don reviewed the letter that was sent electronically to the Association membership in regard to the status of weeds in the lake and treatments provided by and recommended by Professional Lake Management.  Due to the lack of rain and increased temperatures,  the weeds are more prevalent than usual.

Motion to present at the next Membership meeting the proposed petition as provided by Jim Hatch for Pierson Township collection of assessment dollars required for the installation and maintenance of video surveillance cameras:  “We the undersigned, being owners of property around Big Whitefish Lake, located in Pierson Township, Montcalm County, State of Michigan, do hereby petition the Township Board of Pierson Township to establish a special assessment district for all lakefront property owners for the purpose of providing Video Surveillance Cameras, to be strategically placed at several locations as determined by the Big Whitefish Board of Directors, pursuant to Public Act 188 of 1954 as amended.

We consent to the inclusion of our land in a Special Assessment District for this project and understand that the placement, maintenance, and quality control of said video surveillance cameras shall be conducted in accordance with plans prepared, reviewed and approved by the Big Whitefish Association Board and monitored by the Township Board.  We also understand that the cost of the project, including any additional costs and legal costs, will be specially assessed against properties in said proposed district.  Such assessment to be $200.00 per year, per property owner for the first year and $50.00 each year thereafter for a period of 5 years.”  (Cavalli/Holmes).  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:05pm