Board of Directors Meeting
December 7, 2012

Meeting called to order at 6:37pm

Roll Call Eric Cavalli, Kathy Gleason, Steve Herrema, John Holmes, Patrick Maioho, Brian O’Kane,  Jerry Poisson, Don Reichle, and Miles Underwood.

Secretary’s Report: Motion to accept the board minutes of October 5, 2012 as distributed and posted on the Association website (Poisson/Holmes).  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as verbally presented (Holmes/Poisson).  Motion carried.  Don has signed up for on-line banking with JP Morgan.  Motion to allow Don to request a debit card for the Association checking account (Herrema/Poisson).  Motion carried.

Committee Reports Trash: Don has been in contact with Allied Waste, our contract with them for the 2013 trash pickup season should be the same cost as last year ($8600).

Directory: Data collected for the 2013 directory given to Patrick.  All outstanding information needs to be delivered to Patrick as soon as possible.

Boat Parade: A new chairperson is needed for this committee.  The theme for 2013 will be “Favorite Song”. Historical Committee: It is likely that this publication will not go to print until 2014.

Pontoon Tie-up: August 10, 2013 will be the date for the annual “Pre-pontoon Tie-up Golf Outing and tie-up.  An initial tie-up will be organized earlier in the summer dependent on weather.

Web Page: Judy Warner has volunteered to chair this committee and has presented suggestions and ideas for the site.  A one-time fee of $350 would be the cost of setting up the new website.  Motion to include $350 in the 2013 budget for a new website and to have Judy Warner oversee and chair the Web Page committee (Maioho/O’Kane).  Motion carried.

BWL Attire: Suggestion made to have leftover BWL sale items available at the Membership meetings and the Fun Run.

PLM: PLM is recommending a new product for the 2013 treatment of Eurasion Milfoil called GENESIS manufactured by SePro.  The cost is 30% higher than SONAR however, as a test-site SePro will hold the pricing of GENESIS at the same cost as SONAR for BWL’s 2013 treatment and will guarantee the treatment through 2014 (any treatments that may be required for Eurasion milfoil after the initial treatment of GENESIS would be free through the 2014 year). GENESIS requires less product, 6 parts per million versus SONAR’s 8 parts and is quicker in yielding results, 7 to 10 days versus SONAR’s 2 to 3 weeks.  Motion to use SeaPro’s new GENESIS product to treat the Eurasian milfoil in 2013 at the discounted pricing offered and to request that SeaPro freeze this price for the next cycle (3 to 4 years from 2013)  (Herrema/Holmes).  Motion carried. Motion to authorize Patrick Maioho to approve negotiated price with PLM within 48 hours of the request to freeze pricing with SeaPro (Cavalli/Holmes).  Motion carried.   Old Business * New fire zone signs: Miles to organize installation

New Business * Proposed Budget for 2013: Budget reviewed and adjusted. * Dues Mailing: envelope stuffing date will be organized by Patrick

Meeting adjourned 8:05pm