Fall Member’s Meeting
August 25, 2012

Meeting called to order at 9:30am.

Secretary’s Report

Motion to approve the minutes of the June 2, 2012 Spring Membership meeting.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Don Reichle showing a Total Fund Balances of $134,326.89.  Motion carried.  The Weed Assessment Fund has an approximate balance of $76,347.30.  Anticipating a Sonar treatment in 2013 at a cost of $75-$85,000.

Committee Reports

Meet & Greet Party – Kathy Gleason reported that 66 members and/or guests attended this year’s event.  The committee came in $250 under budget.

Fun Run/Walk — Eric Cavalli reported that once again this event was a huge success and well attended.  The committee is seeking volunteers for 2013 to fill water balloons.

Boat Parade – Kathy Gleason announced the winners of the 2012 Boat Parade: 1st place went to the Wiltz/Becker cottage with “BWL Olympics”, 2nd place the Thome & Jaklitsch cottage with “Olympics” and 3rd place to the Down’s cottage for “Olympics”.  The drawing of the new “traveling” Boat Parade trophy was awarded to the Paulen cottage.  Suggested themes for 2013 would be appreciated.

Lighting of the Flares – Eric Cavalli reported that there were many cottages without flares this year.  Samples of the recommended LED flares were demonstrated and members are encouraged to purchase.  Traditional flares can still be purchased by individuals at most truck stops.

Fire Works – Jerry Poisson has received a quote from Wolverine Fireworks indicating that for an additional $500 we would have 40 more 4″ shells and 24 more 5″ shells for the annual firework display.  Current budget for fireworks is $6,000.  Motion made to increase the fireworks budget to $6,500.  Motion carried.

Gar Pike & Dogfish Contest – Dan Buyze announced the winners of this year’s contest: the Antvelink’s for the largest Gar Pike (43″) and the Buzye/VanHattum cottage for the most dogfish (3).

Pontoon Tie-up — Kathy Gleason reported that while the actual tie-ups did not occur, the “pre pontoon tie-up golf outing” in August was a success with 28 participants.

Fishing Contest – Steve Herrema reported that over 50 trophies/plaques were awarded this year.  A special thank you to the Meidema and Beyer families for their help.

BWL Attire – Janie Durren reports that she has grocery bags and koozie cups yet available for sale.  Ideas for 2014 are welcome.

Boat Safety, Regulations & Launch – Per Jim Hatch, nothing to report.

Dam & Channel Regulations – John Holmes announced that the dam board is scheduled for removal on September 15.

Directory – discussion ensued in reference to the need for two directories per cottage.  Bob Winkel indicated that the deadline for required information will be earlier in 2013.  Pat Maioho asked the membership to submit photos to Bob for entry.

Government Liaison/Road Maintenance – Jim Hatch reported that all road maintenance scheduled for the year has been completed.  Free dump day is September 8 from 8am to noon, must have proof of property ownership.

Historical Publication — Eric Cavalli announced that September 30 is the final deadline to submit information for this publication.

Land Use & Development – Miles Underwood reported that the Rollins continue to generously take care of installing and removing the tennis court nets each year.  A general clean-up of the area was made.

Membership/Neighborhood Watch – Per Kathy Gleason, nothing to report.

Sewer Advisory – Bob Cichewicz reports that their next meeting is scheduled for September 20, the sand filter and budget will be discussed.   A reminder that any construction requires that the sewer line be marked, garbage disposals are not allowed and to leave power on to the sewer system when shutting your cottage down for the winter months.  Miles Underwood has replaced Brian O’Kane on this committee.

Trash Pickup – per Don Reichle, nothing to report.

Web Page – Kathy Gleason reports that due to hacking, Steve Goetzinger has created a brand new website for our Association.  Discussion ensued regarding email addresses.

Professional Lake Management — Pat Maioho reported that PLM has recommended to continue with algae spot treatments.  Eel grass has been excessive this year and the best course of action to reduce the number of weeds washing up is to have jet skis and power boats avoid the shallow areas of the lake (as outlined in the directory).  May have the Eurasian Milfoil spot treated prior to Labor Day weekend.  While it is normally projected to treat every 3 years with Sonar for milfoil this year, which would have been the 3rd year, there was not enough presence of the plant to allow a DNR permit for treatment.

Lake Ecology –  Dan Buyze reported PLM will be out in the next two weeks for the year-end evaluation.  Purple loosestrife continues to be a problem and plans are to utilize the help of boy scouts to plant beetles in 2013 as well as consult PLM.  The landfill has stopped the eradication of seagulls as the owner does not allow weapons on the property.  They have been using cracker-shells but this is not working.  Dan has received research from Cornell University regarding the infestation of seagulls and may seek assistance from the County government to get the dump involved.

Old Business

Video Surveillance System: language for a petition drive for a special assessment with Pierson Township was presented for the funding, installation and maintenance of a system.  Cost is approximately $40,000 for a complete system.  Cost to each property owner would be $200 the first year and $50 thereafter for 4 more years.  Motion made to accept the language and proceed with the petition.  Written vote was taken with 72% in favor.

Boat Launch & Fire Zone Signs: eight new “no parking” signs have been installed along Lake Street. These signs will be enforced and maintained by the South Woodland Acres Association who owns the property along the north side of the road.  Pierson Township is working on the requirement of a permit for bass tournaments that have 15 or more participants.  Residents in the cove area would like more “no parking” signs in their area, Pat Maioho will bring this to the townships attention.  New fire zone signs have been ordered that include language indicating that the area is monitored by surveillance equipment.

New Business

The board asked for a motion to accept Don Reichle as the replacement for Joan Gardner’s position on the Association Board.  Motion made and passed.

Three board positions expire with this Membership Meeting: Kathy Gleason, John Holmes and Don Knottnerus.  Kathy and John have agreed to serve another term.  Tom Wagonmaker has volunteered to serve.  Motion made to appoint Kathy, John and Tom.  Motion passed.

Recommendation made that the Association board be introduced to the membership at the start of all membership meetings.

Recommendation made that a plaque of recognition be presented to Don Knottnerus at the 2013 Spring Membership Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kathy Gleason