Board of Directors Meeting
August 12, 2012

Meeting called to order at 1:15pm

Roll Call:  Eric Cavalli,   Kathy Gleason, Jim Hatch, Steve Herrema, John Holmes, Don Knottnerus, Pat Maioho, Jerry Poisson, Don Reichle and Miles Underwood.

Motion to accept the board minutes of May 18, 2012 and July 13, 2012 as distributed via email (Holmes/Poisson).  Motion carried.

Don Reichle will present a formal Treasurer’s Report at the Membership meeting on August 25.  Balance owed on fireworks of $4500.00  Jerry will have the invoice sent to Don for payment.

The agenda for the August 25th Fall Membership meeting reviewed.  Kathy will send an mass email blast to the membership to remind them of the meeting and what will be included on the agenda.

Fireworks: Jerry will present to the membership at the August 25th meeting the options available for 2013.

Directory Committee: Any items for the 2013 directory should be handed over to Bob Winkel as soon as available.  The following individuals are asked to send Bob pertinent information for the 2012 stats as soon as convenient: Brian O’Kane – Fun/Run winners, Kathy Gleason – Boat Parade winners. Information pertaining to the Fishing Contest and the Gar Pike/Dog Fish contest have already been shared with Bob.

Historical Committee: One last request for updates from residents will be sent via email.

PLM Committee: Pat will assume the duties of Don Knottnerus for this committee until the election of the board for the 2012/2013 year at which time a third board member will need to be appointed to this committee.  Weekly observations of the lake will need to take place to keep PLM apprised.  All board members are advised to review the Association Membership Notification Report in preparation for the Fall Membership meeting.

Web Page: Kathy will work with Steve Gotezinger to have the new website up and running prior to the Fall Membership meeting.

Old Business:

* No Parking signs for the boat launch area will be installed on August 18.

* Video Surveillance signs should be in place prior to August 25.  Pat will follow up with Pierson Township in regard to having petitions available for signatures at the Fall Membership meeting.

New Business:

* A replacement for Brian O’Kane on the Sewer Advisory Committee is needed.

* The BWL megaphone needs to be located.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20pm