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VIP Message from BWLA President

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

I hope all is well and I would like to share some important information regarding changes to our BWLA Annual Dues and Weed Control Tax.

2020 Association Dues:

At our November 2019 Board of Directors meeting, these changes to our annual Association Dues were unanimously made in order to balance our expense budget and simplify our accounting records and processes:

  • Annual BWL Association Dues will be $150. This is a $25 increase from the previous dues amount of $125, which have been in place since 2012.
  • Elimination of $25 Fireworks Patronage and $25 Directory Patronage donations. Fireworks and Directory expenses are included in our financial budget and will not be negatively affected by these eliminations.
  • All Association members will receive 1 printed Member Directory and access to an online Member Directory. Additional copies of the printed directory can be ordered for $10 each when submitting your 2020 dues form and payment.

Winter Weed Control Tax:
For the past four years, our annual Weed Control Expense tax has been $180 on our Winter Tax bill from Pierson Township. After a financial review of our Weed Control Fund for the past five years, we have realized an overage of funds in the account and have reduced this year’s Winter Weed Control Tax to $78.64, a reduction of $101.36. The tax reduction will not negatively impact our lake water quality as we are sure funds needed to maintain the lake are sufficient. Under the terms of the 2020-2024 Special Assessment District, the annual Weed Control Tax will be reviewed and adjusted by the Board as needed to fund the expected expenses.

Thank you for understanding these changes. Your Board of Directors is committed to the continued success of our strong association, and we wish you a joyous, peaceful and safe holiday season.

Sincerely, Kevin Gilfillan
President, BWLA


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