September 9, 2019


Called to order 7:01 PM

Roll call – present: Dykhouse, Van Timmeren, Cornelius, Root, Walker, Fish, Moore, Szymczak. Welcoming new President Kevin Gilfillan and new Treasurer Jon Durren
Absent:  Rohen. Special Guest: Dan Buyze.

August BOD meeting minutes: Approved (Cornelius/Gilfillan)

Treasurers Report: Approved. Jon Durren gave a thorough report detailing his evaluation of the Lake Association’s finances since taking the position as new Treasurer and meeting with Jeff Smith (former Treasurer). All is well and Jon’s summary included reviewing Lake Association by-laws and providing a draft of annual review procedures, updated 2019 budget, balanced YTD revenues and expenses as well as meeting with Chase Bank (no fees for our accounts/both Jon and Kevin G. are check signers now). Still some work to do before year end regarding weed control funds (which need to be reviewed yearly with Pierson Township) and the amount of funds the Association can carry forward into 2020. Treasurers Report and Budget approved (Van Timmeren/Moore).

By-Laws: BOD to review current by-laws and correct/update. Discussed requirements for meetings (set June 6 and August 29, 2020 as membership meeting dates).

Board Structure/Committee Oversight: Discussed how committees are managed by BOD versus events. Dan Buyze and Kevin Gilfillan to meet and work out new structure to present to BOD.

Communications: Discussed how website might be upgraded and improved including possibility of taking payments online for dues and other. Also discussed possibility of making the Directory electronic/online (only print a few). Scott Walker volunteered to assist Judy Wells Warner with maintenance and improvements. Kelly Root volunteered to look into an intern to help as well. That motion (volunteers) was approved (Cornelius/Szymczak).

Ecology: Dave Cornelius reports weed treatments nearing an end for 2019. Water Clarity now the best of the year.

Pierson Township:  Meeting September 10. Dan Buyze presented a suggested revenue opportunity to the Board, stating the Township is incurring annual expenses to maintain the BWL Boat Launch / park and could begin to charge use fees, $3-$5, to non-Pierson Township residents to fund those expenses. Twp. Board listened but trustee Melanie Gould was strongly opposed. Board may add a question to the Township survey to gain residents opinions before continuing consideration. Little Whitefish attendees stated they are still working to understand sewer funding issues. It was also reported that there has been a very poor response to Township Master Plan survey so far.

From Dan Buyze (regarding Township Master Plan):

Hello All, 

Pierson Twp. is in the process of updating their master plan.  This is an important process as it could add, change or modify existing zoning or ordnances.  I would encourage all of you to review the current plan, particularly the last supplement.  You can find the current plan and the last supplement on line by going to the Pierson Twp website. At the home page, click on master plan. You will find the plan documents there in addition to a questionnaire.

A meeting schedule is on the master plan home page, these are open meeting.  We do have representation on the planning committee.  Mike Julien and John Patterson are on the committee and I am a back up to a back up – what ever that is – LOL! 

I did a quick review of the plan and supplement. While there is a lot of verbiage regarding natural resources, etc., I found nothing that addresses combating invasive species in order to protect our natural resources.  In my opinion, this is important to have in the plan if the Twp. or for that matter, property owners, or associations, want to acquire state funds, grants, etc. fight invasive species, acquire boat washing station, etc.  

BWL is a major stockholder in this process, not just from a natural resources standpoint, but density planning, potential rezoning, etc.  If the BWLA plans on submitting suggestions, etc., I suggest those go directly to the Twp Clerk so they can be properly  logged. 


Landfill: Letter from Central Sanitary Landfill to BWLA Board of Directors is attached below. 

Next meeting: 11/11/2019 (Gilfillan).
Motion to adjourn:  moved/approved 9:00PM (Root/Cornelius)
Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary