November 11, 2019


Called to order 7:01PM

Roll call – present: Dykhouse, Van Timmeren, Cornelius, Root, Walker, Moore, Gilfillan, Durren.
Absent:  Rohen, Szymczak, Fish.

September BOD meeting minutes: Approved (Cornelius/Dykhouse).

Treasurers Report: Reviewed. To be posted on Governance page of website after approval.
Motion to raise Association dues from $125 to $150 per year beginning in 2020.  Fee will include one free directory (second book available for $10).  With the dues increase there will no longer be a Patron option or additional fireworks donation option. 
Approved (Van Timmeren/Walker).

PLM – Maximum budget established at $45,000 for lake treatment.  BOD would have to approve any overage.  Five-year average has been approximately $25,000.  Paid for from tax revenue collected by Pierson Township.

Association By-Laws revenue – Discussed and will be presented at Spring 2020 Association meeting.

Board Structure/Committee Oversight: Gilfillan is reviewing – topic was tabled until next meeting.  Working on timeline/tasks for 2020.

Communications: All agreed we need to update the website with current information / remove outdated information.  Walker in position to help.  Discussed ideas to promote attendance at Spring meeting – more to come.

2020 BOD meeting dates/host:
January 13 – Root
March 9 – Cornelius (PLM to attend?)
May 11 – Moore
June 15 – Walker
July 13 – Rohen 
August 14 – Moore
September 8 – Durren
November 9 – Dykhouse.

Next meeting: January 13 – Root

Motion to adjourn:  moved/approved 8:42PM (Moore/Root)
Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary