Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Member Meeting
June 1, 2019

Called to order 9:30am

Roll call: Buyze, Dykhouse, Van Timmeren, Cornelius, Moore, Szymczak, Walker, Smith, Walker, Root. Absent: Rohen.

BOD meeting minutes: Approved as published on BWLA website.

Treasurers Report: Approved as published on lake website. 189 members paid dues.

Welcome new members: Amanda Whowell and Jared Love
Dam: Installed per requirement. Water level very high currently.

2019 Big Whitefish Lake Directory & Association Information: available now. Connect with Jeff Moore if questions/comments.

ACTIVITIES: Information in 2019 Directory and BWLA website.

Meet and Mingle June 21. Chairs Joy Antvelink and Cheryl Stormzand. 6:30 on at Whitefish Lake Golf / Loon’s Nest. Deadline for registration June 14 ($18 per person). More details in the new 2019 Directory.

Fishing Contest June 22. Chairs Brad & Lisa Quist and Kelley & Ryan Root. 6am – 7pm. Weigh in at the Poisson dock next to the launch. Getting more kids trophies. Also adding a “critter” category (Dogfish, Bullhead, Gar, etc).

Fireworks July 3. Chair Jerry Poisson reports permits in place. Looking for help June 30 loading pontoons, again on July 3 towing pontoons with fireworks into position on the lake and July 5 with removal/clean up. Volunteers should connect with Jerry or a board member. $10,000 remains the budget for fireworks.

Fun Run/Walk July 4. Chair Jerry Rohen. Zone C to provide volunteers/organization for 2019 event. Rohen reports trophies have been ordered. Pat Szymczak to coordinate with Jerry on management of the event. Age 65 and up category added.

Boat Parade July 5. Chairs Janet Moore and Jennifer Walker. Meet in the cove at 3PM. More details in the Directory.

Spearing Contest Dusk on July 13 to Dawn July 14. Chairs Dan Buyze and Steve Herrema, Dates in Directory show 2018 dates.

Golf Outing August 10. Chair Kathy Gleason. At Whitefish Lake Golf 12 noon.

Pontoon tie-up August 10.

Fall Members Association Meeting August 24. This meeting will be held at the Pierson Township Hall at 9:30 AM. Board Member positions for expiring terms will be filled by membership vote at this meeting.

Pickleball Social August 24. Chair Jim Warner. Event will be held at the BWLA courts following the Members’ Meeting.

Boat Safety. Chairs Jim Hatch and Jerry Poisson. See page 26, 27 in Directory. Also note a paddleboard is considered a “vessel” and requires a personal floatation device on board.

BWL Attire. Chairs Mary Underwood & Susan Smith. New line coming 2020.  Submit any new ideas for merchandise to Mary Underwood or Susan Smith.

Land use. Chairs John Holmes, Bill & Bard Rollins, Miles Underwood. Volunteers working on getting a water source for paddleball/tennis courts to be cleaned.

Neighborhood Watch. Chairs Diane Gilfillan and Kathy Gleason. Lock It Up! Paddleboat stolen in spring on Lake Street. Looking into security light/camera for Winslow Park/launch.

Sewer Advisory. Chairs Dan Buyze and Miles Underwood. Attending Sewer District meeting on June 7.  Areas of concern due to lack of transparency on financing the overall situation.  LWL may have some financial issues.  Township looking to Freedom of Information act to get answers.

Trash Pick up. Chairs Jeff Moore and Dan Buyze. Summer trash pick-up provided with BWLA membership dues. Reports going well. Service dates in the Directory.

BWLA email/website. Chair Judy Wells Warner.  Website is “online Directory” with ongoing updates of current information.

Ecology:  Chairs Dave Cornelius and Brad Quist. Reported BWLA joined the Cooperative Lake Management Program (CLMP) and are collecting/monitoring the lake measurable data to establish a baseline for staying on top of the need for treatments.  Brad Quist reported on invasive/weed watch and asked for volunteers to help the Ecology committee. Dave Trexler to keep on top of swimmer’s itch and fertilizer issues.


Special Assessment District (SAD.) Current Pierson Township assessment for paying for lake treatment expires 12/31/19. Vote needed to continue current process.  Township will send out info to residents.  Legal doc/info on Township website. Current assessment is $197 per property per year. Township meeting June 11.

Motion to accept moved/supported/carries. 

Also motion for renewal on five year permit to manage seagulls and swan population and pollution in the lake: moved/supported/carries.

Fertilizer.  Discussion surrounding fertilizer ban within 300 feet of the lake.  Weed control (with no added fertilizer in formula) applications ok.  Ecology Committee looking into rules and enforcement.

PFAS. Discussion surrounding new test wells drilled resulting in some migration of PFAS plume and mitigation to treat. Two South end lake residents reported drilled well and artesian water tested 0% for PFAS.  Also residents and Golf Club on Bass Lake Road tested 0%.  PFOA detected at 77ppt in a test well just west of 131. No VOC’s detected west of 131.

Next Board meeting – June 10 (Fish).

Motion to adjourn:  approved 10:40am.
Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary