Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

April 8, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:02 PM
Welcome new board member Kelly Root

Roll call: Buyze, Dykhouse, Van Timmeren, Cornelius, Rohen, Moore, Szymczak, Walker, Root

Absent: Fish, Smith

March BOD meeting minutes: Approved (Rohen/Cornelius)

Treasurers Report: Approved (Cornelius/ Moore).
$15,750 dues collected / $1995 for fireworks / $1350 for directory.


Meet and Mingle: Cheryl Stormzand has volunteered to manage the event for 2019. Buyze to check with venue to see if a date is reserved and capacity for the venue. Motion made to invite Little Whitefsh Lake residents. Carried (VanTimmeren/Szymczak).
Fun Run/Walk: Zone C to provide volunteers/organization for 2019 event. Rohen reports trophies have been ordered.
Fireworks: Buyze has signed permits. Looking for help towing pontoons with fireworks into position on the lake.
Fishing Contest: House Bill 4362 will not pass or affect any of the lake activities.
Director: Jeff Moore is on track for this year’s directory with the goal of distributing the book by Memorial Day.
Ecology: President Buyze approached Brad Quist who agreed to co-chair the Ecology Committee. Brad will attend MLSA meeting at Crystal Mountain.
Sewer update: The BWLA will be sending a FOIA request to the Montcalm County Drain Commissioner requesting financial information on the BWL sewer district (see attached).

Dear Ms. Raines,
Under the freedom of information act, the Big Whitefish Lake Association is requesting from Montcalm County the following information:
-The last three years of income statements and balance sheets for the Big Whitefish Lake, BWL, sewer district from the semiannual operating and maintenance, (O&M), billing.
-Copies of monthly statements where said money are held in behalf of the BWL sewer district.
If the funds are co-mingled with the general fund, detailed monthly accounting of the sub account for the BWL sewer district.
-When fines are imposed for violations of the BWL sewer district, where does that money go and is there a line item accounting for such funds.
-An explanation on why the Big Whitefish Lake Golf Course was allowed to hook up to the BWL sewer system; who authorized the hook up and when. What impact does the loss of RU’s that were assigned to (bought) by the Big Whitefish Lake Golf Course have on future expansion to the BWL sewer system.
Please respond in writing, within one week as required by law.
Dan Buyze
President, Big Whitefish Lake Association

Assessment (see attached) – proposal moving ahead:

Here is the Revision with the date of June 11 for the hearing.
I clarified with the attorney that we will be publishing the Exhibit “B” not the exhibit “A” that was provided. He included the verbiage from the policy and the quotes from PLM.

This First Resolution is just a starting point. Most importantly we have to have the district properly listed, for parcels could come out, but not be added after this first resolution. Language can be revised in Resolution #2 but parcels cannot be added.

So the list of parcels you supplied minus the four tax id’s that were no longer active leave the number of parcels at 212. Please let me know if you have any questions for me or the attorney before the meeting tonight. Sara Burkholder, Pierson Township Clerk

Landfill: Still waiting for results from new test wells (west of 131). Another test well to be drilled near Bass Lake Rd and Hillis Rd.

Boat Landing: New signs have been produced and will be installed soon.

Spring Meeting: Moved to Pierson Township Hall on June 1.

Next Board Meeting: May 13 at Moore? Smith?

Motion to adjourn: Approved 8:12 pm (Smith/Dykhouse)
Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary