Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Board of Directors Meeting
September 10, 2018

Called to order 7:03PM

Roll call: Buyse, Dykhouse, Van Timmeren, Walker, Cornelius, Rohen, Szmczak, Moore. And a welcome to new Director Mike Fish.

Absent: Smith, Korhonen

August BOD minutes and August membership meeting minutes: Approved (Rohen/Cornelius)

Treasurers Report: Jeff Smith has emailed BOD reports dated 8/20/2018. Report will be discussed at next BOD meeting.
Lake trash bill still unpaid. Final Treasurers Report and resolution of expenses by next meeting. Approved (Cornelius / Szymczak)

Lake water/fish quality: expecting report on fish testing any day now.

Sewer system: no update other than Buyze continuing to work on this issue.

Fun Run/Walk: Zone C to provide volunteers/organization for 2019 event. Rohen reports 10 volunteers should cover that.

Paddleboard Safety: Discussion on the topic of paddleboard use and rules regarding personal flotation device (pfd / required by law) to be added to Directory and discussed at Spring member meeting. Discussion to include other safety issues; pfd or other wearable brightly colored to be more visible and how/where to operate paddleboards to avoid speed boat traffic.

Dam: pulled September 15.

Directory: Jeff Moore proposed adding more info like spouse/significant other email and phone number(s). Info will be added to dues letter that goes out in the Spring. Also adding a June Pickleball event same day a June member meeting (first Saturday in June).

New Business:

Spring Meeting​; may move to Township Hall

Winslow Park; only eight responses gathered buy Buyze though others responded on the postcard. Judy to send another email blast to get more responses. Gate idea not practical but better lighting, security cameras and signage discussed.

Lake Ecology/2020 assessment; a deadline approaches (12/31/19) regarding a tax assessment to treat BWL. BOD and committees are working now on weed issues and water quality so that wording of proposed assessment can be crafted. BOD will determine who manages lake treatment. A petition will be created and signed by members. Petition will be presented at June member meeting with all signatures to be collected by August member meeting. Next BOD meeting will focus on more details regarding this assessment. PLM will be part of the proposal as well as data from Coop.

Next Board meeting: October 8 (Dykhouse).

Motion to adjourn: approved 8:08 (Dykhouse/Fish)

Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary