Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Board of Directors Meeting
October 8, 2018

Called to order 7:03PM

Roll call: Buyse, Dykhouse, Van Timmeren, Smith, Korhonen, Rohen, Szymczak, Moore, Fish.

Absent: Walker, Cornelius

September BOD minutes: Approved (Rohen/Szymczak)

Treasurers Report: Jeff Smith still working to settle all outstanding bills (BWL trash bill still unpaid/may bill monthly next year). Smith to follow up with Judy to get Treasurer’s Reports published online on lake website. 2019 budget to be discussed at next meeting. Approved (Dykhouse / Fish).

BWL Apparel: Mary Underwood reported nearly $8,000 worth of apparel and other trinkets sold. Same items available now through next season…new items/designs early 2020. All current menu of items made to order. Online order form coming.

Winslow Park: paving done October 10-12 as part of Pierson Township Parks & Rec Committee improvement plan. Further improvements will be left up to Pierson Township after BWL members’ comments communicated to Township.

Landfill/testing: new well dug in median of 131 shows flow going west to east. New well will be dug west of 131/east of Bass Lake Road that will test water quality. Republic has been responsive to BWL concerns. Discussion/report regarding landfill odor; Republic capping a cell and capturing methane gas to generate electricity. As capping progresses, odor will be reduced by spring 2019.

Assessment: ongoing discussions and planning regarding the 2020 assessment for lake treatment; we may not need to circulate a petition but expect to present the matter for approval by vote at Spring member meeting.

October 9 Township meeting report from Jerry Rohen: Pierson township will not require us to get a signed petition from our members to go ahead with the new 5 year weed control plan.

Directory: Jeff Moore proposed adding more info like spouse/significant other email and phone number(s). Info will be added to dues letter that goes out in the Spring. Also adding a June Pickleball event same day a June member meeting (first Saturday in June).

Next Board meeting: 11/12 (Cornelius).

Motion to adjourn: approved 8:02 (Rohen/Moore)

Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary