Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Board of Directors Meeting
August 18, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

Roll call: Dan Buyze, Jane Dykhouse, Bert Korhonen, Patrick Szymczak, Jeff Smith, Jeff Moore, Dave Cornelius, Scott Walker, Walt DeVries

Absent:  Jerry Rohen, Ron Van Timmeren

Secretary’s Report: :Motion made to accept the Minutes from the July 9, 2018 meeting as posted on the website. Passed/Carried, Korhonen/Szymczak

Treasurer’s Report: ​ This years dues payments were $41,000 and expenses so far, $32,000, with the Republic Bill still due this fall. We will probably end up with a balance of $3,000 in surplus. It was suggested that we transfer a portion of this surplus to the tennis court fund near the end of the year. In addition, we will obtain a quote for two gates for the courts to facilitate cleaning with hopes of installing yet this year.
In the President’s letter, in late winter, Dan will make a statement that the last dues raise was in 2012.
Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Passed/Carried, Dykhouse/Korhonen

Bert Korhonen: Sheriff’s Report: ​ Bert made a connection with Sheriff Mike Williams in order to clarify questions the BOD had regarding the Sheriff Patrol on the lake. It was recommended that Pierson Township post a dedicated parking spot to a patrol vehicle at the boat landing.
This recommendation will be made to both Pierson Township Board and to the Parks and Rec Commission. Bert also stated that it would be very helpful if a resident of Big Whitefish Lake volunteer to serve on the Pierson Township Council.

New/Old Business:

Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program,​ which is a part of Michigan Lakes and Streams: Dave Cornelius reported his findings on the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program. This organization would allow us to keep further and much deeper data on our lake, with samplings such as exotic aquatic plants and chemical data which is needed for future lake ecology planning.
A motion was made that our Association join this CLMP with a ceiling of no more that $1,000 in annual dues to this group. Passed/Carried, Dykhouse/Smith.

Dan Buyze:​ – Dan reported that overall he has gotten very good comments regarding the condition of the lake.
Republic Waste: A new cap and liner will be installed soon. Republic has been killing seagulls as reported. A Monitoring well has been installed in the median of 131.

Sewer System​: – Dan will continue to reach out to the county to obtain a meeting date for the sewer advisory committee. Bob Cichewicz is MIA, therefore, Dan will assume his responsibilities on the sewer advisory committee.

General Membership Meeting
Election of Board Directors:

This will be the slate up for election at the General Membership Meeting as of this date:
Jerry Rohen has agreed to serve again
Walt has declined to serve due to his winters in Florida
Pat Szymczak has agreed to serve again
Bert Korhonen has agreed to serve again
One open spot, for which Mike Fish has gladly agreed to volunteer.

Jane Dykhouse has agreed to have Ballots prepared in advance if needed.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:08 PM, Passed/Carried, Cornelius/Buyze