Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Board​ ​of​ ​Director’s​ ​Meeting
MAY 14, 2018

Called to order 7:08PM

Roll Call:

Buyse, Dykhouse, Moore, Van Timmeren, Walker, Rohen, DeVries, Karhonen


Cornelius, Szmczak

April minutes: approved (Dykhouse/Rohen)

Treasurers Report (Smith):

Collected nearly $25,000 ($200 shy) from dues
Discussed next year communicating how dues from property owners are divided (general fund, fireworks, etc.)
$2510 was collected to add to the $8,000 budgeted for fireworks. $10,000 budgeted for 2018 fireworks. $510 going towards next year’s fireworks or Board may decide to reallocate. Discussed the propsal/contract from fireworks provider that was over our budget…expecting that will be renegotiated to fit within our budget. Motion for Dan to connect with Jerry Poisson on this approved (Van Timmeren/Walker).
Discussed how to better fund firworks…will bring up at June member meeting. Dues have not been increased from $125 since 2012. Cost of garbage pick up contract continues to rise.
Motion to approve Treasurers Report: approved (Dykhouse/Moore).

Directory: final proof Wednesday (May 16).

Republic Landfill: Buyse drafted the following:
Based on information we have to date, the below is what we can report regarding PFAS concerns/shared with members;

BWLA Membership Update. The information regarding PFAS concerns that we have to date is reported below:

  1. FISH TESTING. The testing of fish by the State Health Department Toxicology Division is scheduled for the first part of June. Fish will be tested not only for PFAS, but a full range of other containments. We will get results no later than three months. Until those results are received, you are encouraged to follow state fish consumption guidelines that have been in place for many years. The Statewide Safe Fish Guidelines can be found at:
  2. PHASE 1 TESTING. The MDEQ, MMHD and Central Sanitary Landfill (CSL) will hold public meetings once results from the phase 1 testing area are available. Those results are due around the end of May. The home owners involved in this initial testing will receive specific information regarding their test results first. Then general information regarding the results will be made public by Michigan Department of Environmental Quality or Mid Michigan Health Department. An email will be sent out notifying BWLA members of any information the Board receives and when meetings will be held. 
  3. PLUME IDENTIFICATION. Based on the results of phase 1 testing, additional wells may be tested or drilled until the boundary of the contamination plume (if any) is defined, be that east or west of the phase 1 testing area. The work to establish plume boundaries will also define ground water divides and flow. As part of this process, a network of monitoring points beyond the plume boundaries will be established as sentinel wells between the landfill and neighboring communities to verify plume stability.
  4. CSL (Central Sanitary Landfill) is developing a website to keep residents informed on PSAF issues. The website will report activities and operations being performed on wells, including test results, as well as activities being planned for the future. Other information on the landfill operation will also be available. Based on questions and feedback from the last public meeting, CSL believes there are some misconceptions about its operation. The website will provide clarifications of incorrect perceptions. There will be a means for Q & A on their website as well. 
  5. PRIVATE WELL TESTS. It was reported by the media that one home in the phase 1 area has tested non-detect for PFAS. In addition, four BWL homes had their wells tested for PFAS. All reported back to us that results were non-detect. We do not have the names of the testing labs used. If you have had testing performed on your well, we would appreciate knowing the results, including the testing company and the depth of the well, if known. 
  6. PSAF TESTING LABS. If you wish to have your well tested, the list below has been provided to us on labs/companies that can perform PFAS testing. We are not recommending any specific lab or company, only that they have PFAS testing capabilities or can follow PFAS sampling protocol and send out samples to a qualified lab for testing. Fees range from $250 to $400. 

    ATC Inc, 4519 Broadmoor Ave S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49512
    (616) 698-3131

    FTC&H, 1515 Arboretum Dr S.E., Grand Rapids, MI, 49546
    (616) 575-3824

    Gordon Water, 100 54th S.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49548
    (616) 776-3800

    Lakeshore Environmental, 800 Monroe Ave Suite 120, Grand Rapids, Mi 49503
    (616) 288-6978

    Trident Labs, 242 Howard Suite 207, Holland, Mi 49424-6518
    (855) 875-2532

  7. BWLA Lake Water Test. We have elected to use an out-of-state lab for the testing of BWL surface waters. While results will take longer to obtain, we feel that with State and CSL efforts underway, in addition to individual testing, we will have a broader base line for comparative purposes when we get our results.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this issue. Our spring Members’ Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 2nd, at the Loon’s Nest. We meet at 9:00 AM for coffee. The meeting will begin at 9:30 AM. Please attend to get updated on our upcoming BWLA summer activities as we work together to make our community vibrant and healthy.

Sincerely, Dan Buyze
President, Big Whitefish Lake Association

More discussion to take place at June member meeting June 2. We are asking that anyone on the lake who has had their wells tested to please share results with Board.

Seagulls have mostly moved off BWL.

Winterfest: will ask at June meeting if anyone wishes to lead investigating what we do – if anything – about a Winterfest in 2019.

Summer Meet & Greet Party: June 22, 2018 at Loon’s Nest.  Flyer inserted in 2018 Directory.

Fun Run/Walk: all set for July 4

Boat Parade: Sunday, July1.  Info on flyer in Directory.  PRIZES this year!

Fireworks: July 3…bigger/better than ever!

Pontoon Tie-up / Golf Outing: – August 11

BWL Attire: now available

Land use: gravel added/spread at tennis/pickleball courts.

PLM/Ecology: lake survey was done May 10, but too early to plan treatment.  Will be rescheduled.  Lake Ecology team meets June 1.  Working on baseline for lake treatment.

Member Meeting June 2: Board Meeting minutes and treasurers report info online.  Agenda to follow in Directory.  Several guests expected to attend.  Jerry Rohen, Pat Szmczak and Bert Karhonen all plan to serve another term…will need to be voted on in August.  One open seat on the Board also voted on in August.

Clean up Day – June 2, 8am – 12 noon Free to dump at Republic Landfill 21545 Cannonsville Rd.  Proof of residency required

Next Board meeting: June 4 (Big Cottage/Buyze).  Also expecting to meet August 18 (Moore) for something special.

Motion to adjourn:  approved 8:41 (Moore/Smith).

Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary