Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Board​ ​of​ ​Director’s​ ​Meeting
JANUARY 8, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

Roll Call:

Dan Buyze, Jane Dykhouse, Bert Korhonen, Jerry Rohen, Patrick Szymczak, Jeff Smith, Jeff Moore, Dave Cornelius


Ron VanTimmeren, Scott Walker, Walt DeVries


Miles Underwood, Cheryl Stormzand, Susan Smith, Janet Moore

Secretary’s Report:

Motion made to accept the Minutes from the December 11, 2017 meeting as posted on the website. Passed/Carried, Smith/Korhonen

Treasurers Report:

Jeff Smith reported the dues will be due March 31, 2018. All accounts are in good standing. Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted, Passed/Carried, Dykhouse/Buyze


Winter Fest to be held on February 3, 2018.

Meet and Greet will be held on June 22, 2018. An Insert will be in with the Directory.

Fun Run/Walk:

Jerry Rohen reviewed all association members who are willing to help out with this event. He will contact those members directly for needed assistance.

Boat Parade will be held on July 1st, meet in the cove at 3:00 pm, contact Janet Moore or Jennifer Walker to pre-register.

Fire Works will be held on July 3rd. The make up date is July 4th. It was agreed that a patron donation will be included in the dues letter, this year.

Gar Pike & Dogfish – Dan Buyze reported that all is set for July 14.

Fishing Contest is set for June 23rd, Quist Cottage dock. Note Change in Date

Directory – Jeff Moore will be making changes for the new director as they come in.

Land use and Development – Miles Underwood reported that new nets have been purchased. Miles Underwood is willing to work on Ads for the website.

Attire Susan Smith reported that all is ready for the flyer and shared it with the Board. The flyer will be included with the Dues letter with all money due March 31, 2018. Clothing orders will be ready for the General Membership meeting in June.

Historical Committee, Is it time to begin work on a new addition? If interested contact Bert Korhonen.

Sewer Advisory – A meeting has still not taken place, Miles Underwood is in contact with the County.

Trash Pick Up – Rates will increase again this year, we do not know the exact rate yet.

PLM – The Year End report has been received

Lake Ecology – Dan Buyze reported that this committee has 17 members. Perhaps we can divide the committee up into three sections A, B, and C. How can we empower this committee?

Old/New Business:

Pierson Little League will be sponsored by the BOD this year. Take time to stop by to watch a game or two.

New Business:

The idea was suggested to have a Summer Poker Run on the Lake. More information to come next meeting.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:15 PM, Passed/Carried, Cornelius/Smith

Respectfully Submitted,
Jane Dykhouse

Next meeting is April 9, 2018 at The Dykhouses, 7 PM.