Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Board​ ​of​ ​Director’s​ ​Meeting
APRIL 9, 2018

Call to order 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call:

Buyse, Cornelius, Dykhouse, Moore, Smith, Van Timmeren, Walker.


Rohen, Karhonen, Szmczak, DeVries.

January minutes approved (Cornelius/Dykhouse)

Treasurers Report (Smith):

To date 186 residences have paid member dues. Goal is 200 (220 properties on BWL). Smith will share names/addresses of those who have not paid to board members to follow up with personal visits to those unpaid in hopes of collecting dues.

$2300 was collected for fireworks bringing the total budget for fireworks to $10,300.

Discussion of how to file taxes for the Association; as a homeowners association or a corporation. Motion to file as a corporation in 2017 and beyond was approved (VanTimmeren/Moore)

Treasurers report approved (Cornelius/Dykhouse).


DEQ requesting/Republic complying with request for testing wells for VOC’s and PFAS.

-new test well(s) will be drilled west of site on MDOT property (US131)

-April 10 meeting between DEQ and Republic to determine plan for identifying size and migration of plume (expecting to get a report of this meeting).

Seagulls becoming nuisance and health concern for BWL
-Republic promises to step up seagull harvest.

Motion approved for Buyse to contact health department to determine next steps regarding impact of seagulls on the lake and what to do about it (VanTimmeren/Dykhouse)


Discussed options for this winter social event after it was cancelled in 2018 due to outdoor weather and site conditions. Options include moving the event indoors at the Loon’s Nest for the first Saturday in February.

Directory / Summer Meet & Greet:

June 22, 2018 set for this summer’s event at Loon’s Nest.

2018 Directory will be distributed mid-May and include a flyer for the June 22 event and possibly the July Boat Parade

Fun Walk/Run: set for July 4.

Fireworks: set for July 3. Extra effort/paperwork needed for township insurance (thanks Jerry Poisson).

BWLA / Spring members meeting: 40 owners placed orders for wearables – items will be delivered at Spring members meeting (June 2 date for members meeting).

Land use: several suggestions propose by Miles Underwood for tennis/pickleball courts:
-gravel needed for repairing traffic/parking area
-bleachers ($840)
-lights ($1700) and electrical service ($1300).

Motion approved for gravel and $300 for materials to build bleachers/benches/seating option (Moore/Smith).

Ecology/PLM: lake water treatment plan for 2018 from PLM moving forward; a Spring water quality test was to happen April 2 (awaiting follow up). May 7 Spring AVAS / ride-along. Treatments to follow as needed. PLM contract due soon…looking into long term plan. Does plan need to adjust? Too much/too little? Other suppliers?

Future board meetings: May 14 at Jerry Rohen’s. Jeff Moore volunteered his residence for July meeting (short/sweet). Brief discussion of a party and meeting August 10.

Motion to adjourn:

8:23 p.m (Moore/Smith).

Submitted by Ron Van Timmeren, Secretary