Big Whitefish Lake Association

Board of Director’s Meeting
May 26, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM

Roll Call:

Dan Buyze, Jane Dykhouse, Walt DeVries, Bert Korhonen Patrick Maioho, Miles Underwood, Jerry Rohen, Patrick Szymczak, Eric Cavalli


Jeff Smith, Tom Wagenmaker


Jeff Moore

Secretary’s Report:

Motion made to accept the Minutes from the April 22, 2017 meeting as posted on the website. Passes/Carried, Cavalli/Korhonen

Treasurers Report:

Maioho reported for Jeff Smith, the checking balance as of 4/30/17 was $45,079.35. Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted, Passed/Carried, Cavalli/Buyze.


Mix & Mingle will be held on Friday, June 23, 2017. Glenn Stout has reported that all plans are progressing as expected. Remember to make your reservation and send in your money to reserve your spot.

Fun Run/Walk:

Jerry Rohen reviewed all association members who are willing to help out with this event. He will contact those members directly for needed assistance. A motion was made to approve funds for a new megaphone to be purchased. Passed/Carried, Cavalli/DeVries.

Boat Parade: will be held on July 4th, providing that at least 5 members sign up in advance.

Fireworks: will be held on Monday, July 3rd. The make up date is Tuesday, July 4th.

Gar Pile and Dogfish: Dan Buyze reported that all is set for July 8th.

Fishing contest: is set for August 5th, with a new location to turn in fish, Quist Cottage dock.

Pontoon Tie-Up and Golf Outing: is set for August 12th.

Directory: Jeff Moore distributed the new directories to all board members to be handed out Memorial Day weekend.

Government Liaison/Road Maintenance: Whitefish Road is being refurbished with Crushed Limestone.

Land Use and Development: Miles Underwood reported that the pickle ball courts have been striped, and Tennis Courts cleaned.

Sewer Advisory: The county is now thinking about and looking for a date for a meeting with the Sewer Advisory Board.

PLM: Sonar treatment has taken place.

Lake Ecology: Dan Buyze reported that a meeting took place on May 17, 2017. Fourteen swans were taken in the last month. July 2, 2017 the DEQ will have a demonstration of a Wash Station at Winslow Park for the public to observe. This is for public awareness.

Trash Pick Up: Say a thank you to Gary Douthette when you see him for all of the good work he does for our lake regarding the Trash Route.

Old/New Business:

Membership Meeting will take place on June 3, 2017. Brian Longcore will be in attendance for a brief summary of what is going on in Pierson Township.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:45 PM, Passed/Carried, Buyze/Cavalli

Respectfully Submitted,
Jane Dykhouse