Big Whitefish Lake Association

Board of Director’s Meeting
March 4, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM

Roll Call:

Dan Buyze, Jane Dykhouse, Bert Korhonen, Patrick Maioho, Jeff Smith, Miles Underwood, Tom Wagenmaker, Patrick Szymczak, Eric Cavalli


Walt Devries, Jerry Rohen

Secretary’s Report:

Motion made to accept Minutes from the January 28, 2017 meeting as posted on the website. Passed/Carried, Wagenmaker/Underwood.

Treasurers Report:

Some dues are already coming in. The PLM bill of $20,000 was paid in full utilizing a discount. The balance in the weed fund is $40,922. Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted. Passed/Carried, Korhonen/Underwood.


Winterfest 2017: Mary Underwood reported that there were 9 Chili entries and there was good attendance. Thank you to Tim Zerkel and all for the great help preparing the Tennis Courts. The first choice for 2018 would be the lake again, which will be held the first Saturday in February.

Fun Run/Walk: Jerry Rohen has the Fun Run information and will get together with Pat Szymczak.

Fireworks: will be held on July 3 with a makeup date on July 4th.

Flares: Eric Cavalli reported that he still has flares from last year. When more flares are purchased he will submit the bill to the Treasurer for payment.

Gar Pile and Dogfish: Dan Buyze has nothing to report as of this date.

Boat Safety: Regulations & Launch, Patrick Maioho reported that there will be an update to the life jacket law in the future.

Directory: Jeff Smith reported that dues/changes are coming in.

Historical Publication: Bert Korhonen reported that there are still books left. It has been decided that all new resident members will receive a Historical Publication.

Land Use and Development: Miles Underwood reported that the tennis courts will be powered washed this spring. Pickleball painting will be completed this summer.

PLM: Jeff Smith reported the bill will be emailed to Pierson Township.

Trash Pick Up: Jeff Smith reported that all is in place for Spring continuation of Trash Pickup.

Sewer Advisory: Miles Underwood reported that he has contacted Montcalm Drain Commission to set up a meeting and has not yet heard back from them.

Lake Ecology: Dan Buyze reported that all is quiet now, since the option for a wash station next to the Pierson Dump has been turned down totally. A well cannot be drilled on that site. The committee will still plan to survey Winslow Park users this Spring and Summer.

Old/New Business:

Budget for 2017, Patrick Maioho presented the budget for the new year. Postage will increased from from $300 to $400, with the addition of using Click2Mail. A motion to accept the 2017 budget as presented, Passed/Carried, Jeff Smith/Patrick Szymczak.

Public Comments:

Next Meetings:
April 22, 2017, Dykhouse’s will host.
May 26, 2017, Maioho’s will host.

Motion to Adjourn, Passed/Carried, Underwood/Dykhouse at 7:39 PM