JUNE 3, 2017

Meeting called to order 9:30 AM

Roll Call:

Buyze, Cavlli, DeVries, Dykhouse, Korhonen, Maioho, Rohen, Smith, Underwood, Wagenmaker


Brian Longcore, Pierson Twp Supervisor

Brian reported:

  1. $130,000 budgeted for road improvements
  2. Recycling, the Howard City site has been closed, the Dump remains as the only local location to recycle. A paddle can be purchased for $1 to ease the process.
  3. Winslow Park will be cleaned up, the plan is for 12 parking spots only.

Secretary’s Report:

Motion was made to accept Minutes as posted on the Big Whitefish Lake Association website from the Fall Membership meeting. Passed Julian/Buyze.

Treasurers Report:

Approximate balance in the checkbook is $45,000. Balance in the weed fund is $78,000. All accounts are paid up and in good shape. Motion to accept as presented passed, Underwood/Rollins.


Winterfest:​ Mary Underwood reported that it was a huge success. Chili Cookoff Winners, 1st Place, Walker, 2nd Place, Roggenbuck. Next years date is Saturday, February 3, 2018.

Mix and Mingle​: Sign up to save your spot. Taking money today.

Fun Run/Walk: Jerry Rohen has everything ready to go for this year’s event. He needs help
with the race numbers.

Boat Parade: Cheryl Stormzand reported that she has three signed up already, and only needs two more entrants. Must have at least 5 this year or it will be cancelled. Theme is Superheroes. Email Cheryl to sign up.

Fire Works: ​All set for July 3rd. Volunteers are still needed for June 30 at 6 PM for help with the barges. Make up date is July 4th.

Gar Pike and Dogfish: Please catch large fish only. Dawn to Dusk on July 8th. Bring your fish to the VanHattum cottage on Hills Rd.

Fishing Contest:​ New location this year, the Quist Cottage Dock, August 5th.

Pontoon Tie-Up and Golf Outing: Golf Outing August 12th, get in your reservation. Pontoon Tie-up following.

Membership Meeting​: August 26, 2017 at the Loon’s Nest.


BWL Attire: ​Janie Durren will be retiring from this committee and we need a new volunteer.

Boat Safety, Regulations & Launch:​ Nothing to report at this time. Miles Underwood reminded all members to stay alert of the PWC safety regulations.

Dam & Channel Regulations​: The Dam Board is out, May 15 till September 15.

Directory​: Directories have been distributed. A huge thanks to Jeff Moore for the great job on this years directory.

Government Liaison/Road Maintenance​: Many roads are being patched and repaired. Some gravel roads are in the process of being filled with limestone.

Historical Publication​: Copies are still available. New members to the lake will receive a free copy of the book.

Land Use and Development​: Tennis Courts have been power washed. Pickleball courts have been striped and look beautiful.

Membership/Neighborhood Watch​: Be aware and lock everything up.

Sewer Advisory​: Main Tech reports no changes at this time. Trying to set up a meeting with the county in June.

Trash Pick-Up​: Jeff Smith will check into the possibility of recycling.

Web Page​: The directory is now on the website. Updated Ecology Committee information also available on the website.

PLM​: Sonar was applied late this year due to the strange Spring weather. Reminder to never use fertilizer, there is a fertilizer ban in effect.

Lake Ecology​: The committee met on May 19, 2017. Committee members list is on the website, if you see suspicious plants contact a member. July 2, 2017, a demo of a wash station will be on site at Winslow Park. This is for public awareness. All permits are up to date for taking gulls and swans. Contact Judy Warner if you have any swimmers itch this summer. Currently there is not a safe way to treat this pesky situation.

New/Old Business​:

Board Openings: Three BOD openings will be available at the Fall Membership Meeting

Directory: The full directory is all on line on the website. If you have any changes/corrections, let Judy Warner know.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 10:36 AM, Passed/Carried, Julien/Buyze

Respectfully Submitted,
Jane Dykhouse