Big Whitefish Lake Association

Board of Directors Meeting
January 28, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:55 PM

Roll Call:

Dan Buyze, Jane Dykhouse, Patrick Maioho, Jeff Smith, Miles Underwood, Bert Korhonen


Walt DeVries, Tom Wagenmaker, Jerry Rohen, Patrick Szymzak, Eric Cavali


Lisa Henderson, Mary Underwood

Secretary’s Report:

Motion made to accept Minutes from December 17, 2016 meeting as posted. Passed/Carried, Smith/Underwood

Treasurers Report:

Some bills are yet to be submitted for Flares. Also, waiting for receipts to be submitted from the Fun Run. Motion to accept the Report as submitted. Passed/Carried, Buyze/Underwood


Winterfest: Mary Underwood reported that festivities will begin at Noon on Saturday, February 4, 2017, and will take place at the Tennis Court. A port a potty has been ordered by Tom Wagenmaker.

Fireworks: will be held on July 3, 2017. Miles Underwood reported that a decision is still to be made regarding the Rain Date for 2017 Fireworks, he will discuss with Jerry Poisson

Directory: Patrick has the membership letter all set and ready to be mailed. Checks for renewal of membership will be mailed directly to Jeff Smith, this year. Motion made to use Click to Mail service this year as a mailing service. Passed/Carried Smith/Buyze

Sewer Advisory: A Sewer Advisory meeting is needed to insure that all accounts are in good standing with the County Sewer Board. Miles will contact Bob Cichewicz to request this meeting take place.

Trash Pickup: Jeff Smith has already made contact with Gary Douthett directly

PLM: A Statement for $20,000 has been received. If paid in full a discount of 3% will be deducted. A motion was made to pay the bill in full. Passed/Carried Underwood/Dykhouse

Lake Ecology: Dan Buyze discussed his presentation of a proposed Boat Wash Station to Pierson Township Board. PTB does not want to pass any fees on to Pierson Township residents. Bert Kohonen has requested to become a member of this committee.

A motion was made to direct the Ecology Committee to further research and survey users of Winslow Park. Passed/Carried Underwood/Smith.

Public Comments:

Next Meeting:
March 4, 2017, Wagenmaker’s

Motion to Adjourn, Passed/Carried Underwood/Kohonen at 8:05 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Jane Dykhouse