AUGUST​ ​26,​ ​2017

Meeting​ ​Called​ ​to​ ​order​ ​at​ ​9:30​ ​AM

Roll Call:

Buyze, Cavalli, DeVries, Dykhouse, Maioho, Rohen, Smith, Szymczak, Underwood, Wagenmaker

Guest: Sheriff​ ​Mike​ ​Williams,​ ​Montcalm​ ​County​ ​Sheriff​ ​reported:

  1. Pierson Township has lost its patrol car, due to cut backs.
  2. Sheriff Williams has a Coffee with the Sheriff, monthly, look to his FB page for dates.
  3. Marine Patrol has logged 33.5 hours on BWF so far this season. This is down almost half from 2016.
  4. Check out Smart to keep abreast of current information
  5. Call the Sheriff’s office if any problems are encountered, make sure to get the MC # from the violators

Secretary’s Report:

Motion was made to accept Minutes as posted on the Big Whitefish Lake Association website from the Spring Membership meeting. Passed, Underwood/Buyze

Treasurers Report:

Jeff Smith reported, approximate balance is the checkbook is $35,049.89. He expectes $19,000 by year end. Balance in the weed fund is $21,567.00.
Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. Passed, Cavalli/Herrema


Winterfest:​ February 3, 2018, is the date for next year. Let Mary Underwood know if you have any ideas for any additional activities

Mix and Mingle​: 116 people in attendance, as reported by Glenn Stout. It was a huge success, a big Thank You to all the committee members and especially the Mike Julian band who performed without payment. A thank you letter was received by the charity Helping Hands, Inc. of Howard City, who received the funds from the raffle. Their letter will be posted on the Website.

Fun Run/Walk: Jerry Rohen reported that it was a success, again this year. A Thank You to Gail Quinn for taking photos. Jerry proposed an idea to start as a pilot for 2018. Each year a different zone would help with the Fun Run/Walk, with the Board Committee Chairs still being the Chairpersons. Those in attendance agreed to try this ideas out for 2018. It was also suggested that a time for the balloon toss be posted in the directory beginning in 2018.

Boat Parade: Judy Warner reported, since only two cottages signed up this year the Boat Parade was cancelled. Ideas for changing the format in 2018 were presented and discussed. The final decision with more information will be forthcoming. Please see Cheryl Stormzand for any questions.

Fire Works: ​July 3rd will be the date again in 2018. Jerry Poisson thanked Miles Underwood and Tom Wagenmaker for their contribution with the barges. Jerry asked for a show of hands for those interested in contributing to a Fireworks patron donation as a way of increasing the budget for 2018. There was a overwhelming show of support for a Patron Donation for 2018. The current budgeted amount is $8,000 for Fireworks.

Gar Pike and Dogfish: Dan Buyze reported that the Pettijohn Cottage won the Dogfish Contest. The Carol Connor Cottage took the Gar Pike contest with a 31” winner, with the tail bitten off.

Fishing Contest:​ A Thank You to Brad Quist and Ryan Root who have taken on this activity. The drop-off location needed to be changed to the boat landing due to low water levels. Jerry Poisson offered to use his dock whenever needed.

Pontoon Tie-Up and Golf Outing: The Golf Outing/Pontoon tie-up had an excellent turn-out this year.


BWL Attire: ​Mary Underwood and Susan Smith have agreed to chair this committee. Pat Szymczak is donating the artwork for a new logo. They hope to have the information ready for mailing with the spring membership dues letter.

Dam & Channel Regulations​: The Dam board will be removed on September 15th. The Dam is in need of some maintenance, berms may need to be installed around the Dam, since the water is continuing to flow on the sides of the Board.

Directory​: Jeff Moore reported that photos will be needed for the 2018 directory. Let him know immediately if there are any typos or changes needed for the 2018 directory.

Government Liaison/Road Maintenance​: Jim Hatch reported that he has met with Brian Longcore and the all of the needed road improvements are completed.

Historical Publication​: There are around 30 books still left. All new residence/association members will receive a free Historical Publication.

Land Use and Development​: Miles Underwood reported that the Pickleball courts are in frequent use. A motion was made by Steve Herrema and Seconded by Glenn Stout to have the Board of Directions explore the following:

  1. Get an estimate to stripe the 2nd court for Pickleball.
  2. Replace the East Tennis Net.
  3. Get an estimate on repairing the well, if needed.
  4. Store the Pickleball nets with the tennis nets.

Membership/Neighborhood Watch​: Diane Gilfilan reported that there were open cars broken into on Lake Street and items stolen. Please lock cars and homes. See something, say something.

Sewer Advisory​: Miles Underwood reported that he is still waiting on the county to set up a Sewer meeting. If you have any sewer questions, call Al Evink first.

Trash Pick-Up​: Jeff Smith reported: There was a question from the Spring General Membership meeting regarding the possibility of having curbside recycling for BWL. It is not feasible since many of the power lines are too tall for the recycling truck. It is very easy to recycle at the Pierson Republic Waste site.

Web Page​: Judy Warner reported that the webpage has an online directory. Take some time to look it over.

PLM​: PLM took a lake survey last week and the results will be out soon and will be reported to the Board of Directors. The lake may need an algae treatment. After Labor Day, they will begin planning for 2018. Sonar is applied every 3-4 years.

Lake Ecology​: Dan Buyze reported that swimmers itch was a nuisance again this year, especially in Zones C and D. Continue to report swimmer’s itch to Judy Warner, although nothing can be used to treat it at this time. The ecology committee passed out pamphlets this spring regarding the DNR’s push to keep boats​ ​Clean,​ ​Drain,​ ​and​ ​Dry.

New/Old Business​:

Confirm Bert Korhonen to fill vacant term (2016-2019) Motion was made by Jerry Poisson/Smith to appoint Bert Korhonen to fill the vacant board position. Motion passed.

Election​ ​of​ ​Directors: Motion was made to appoint the following slate of officers, to fill a term of three years. (2017-2020)
Dave Cornelius, Jeff Moore, Ron Van Timmeren, Scott Walker
Motion passed Buyze/Rohen

Public​ ​Comments: Today, immediately following the meeting a Pickleball and social will take place at the Tennis Courts. All welcome

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:57 AM, Passed/Carried, Boman/Warner

Respectfully Submitted,
Jane Dykhouse, Secretary