Greeting Friends and Neighbors;

The fantastic water recreational opportunities and overall water quality we enjoy comes by no accident. The sewer system, fertilizer ban and the creation of a lake wide water quality district to address weed and algae control are all intricate components in maintaining what we have.

In 2019, our current lake management district will expire and will need to be renewed in 2020 for another 5 years, if we are to continue current weed and algae treatment programs and necessary lake water quality monitoring.

Because support over the years for the special assessment district has exceeded 90%, we will be exempt from having to go through the petition process. However, there will be a public hearing.   Your support for the special assessment district is imperative. We will be providing over the summer important information and meeting dates pertinent to the renewal of the district.  If you have any concerns or questions on the special assessment, please contact me or anyone of your Board of Directors.

We sincerely hope you have an opportunity to join friends and family by participating in the many events your BWL Association provides.   We also want to extend a special “thank you” to the volunteers who make these events possible. If there is an event or committee you are interested in helping with, please contact its corresponding chair.

Have a great and safe 2019!


Dan Buyze

President, BWLA