Big​ ​Whitefish​ ​Lake​ ​Association

Ecology Committee Minutes
JUNE 1, 2018

Members Present:  Dan Buyze,  Dave Cornelius, Jane Dykhouse, Lisa Henderson, Tom Johnson, Dave Poskey, Dave Traxler, Judy Wells Warner, Maggie Ver Merris

Landfill/PFAS Update

Dan reported that he and Dave Cornelius had a conference call with MDEQ without much success.  We are still hoping and working to get the monitoring wells installed west of the Republic Site.  Phase 1 testing results are due at almost anytime now.  A second public meeting will take place after the Phase 1 results are made public. We need to stay the course with Republic and perhaps make contacts with State Representative Jim Lower to place additional pressure on the State. Dan did a walk around the East Side of the Lake with Kent Walters and it did open his eyes to our flowing wells.
Representative Him Lower will have office hours on June 18th at 12:30 at Margo’s, in Greenville, perhaps a group can go and meet with our State Representative.


Dan did a ride along with PLM on May 10, 2018, but there was not much to see at that time, due to the cool weather.
It was suggested that we take sections of the lake to do our own surveys of the lake to see what we can find.  We will be looking especially for Frog Bit and Stoney Star Wort. This will be discussed further at the Association General Membership meeting on June 2.
Dan will send out an email blast just prior to applications this summer.  We are to watch out to see any changes, before and after the application.

Oak Wilt

Watch out for this, it has been confirmed that it has killed Oak Trees near Hillis Road in 2017.


Watch out for this invasive.  Otherwise known as Elephant Grass, it can grow to 6 ft or taller.  The State will come in to get rid of it for you, if it is seen.

Weed Special Assessment

The Special Assessment will be due again in 2020.  More information on this later.

Wash Station

There will be no wash station this year.  The likeliness of BWF Lake having a station are small due to the size of our landing.

Swimmers Itch

Nothing can be done at this time for Swimmers Itch.  Please keep Judy notified of any contact with this pest.  The best thing is to take precautions.

Sea Gulls

After persistence with Republic, Dan reports that they have agreed to make a better attempt to take care of the Gulls at the Dump site.


The use of fertilizer was brought to Dan’s attention.  Dairy Doo is reported to have no Phosphorus, this needs to be confirmed.  We will discuss at the General Membership meeting the other ways to keep a lawn green.

Co-Chair Needed

Dave Cornelius has agreed to be the new Co-Chair for this committee.  Thanks, Dave.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jane Dykhouse